Best Built-In Double Ovens (2024 UK)

Built-in oven

Built-in ovens are a good choice if you enjoy cooking at eye level and don’t want to have to bend down all the time.

Built-in ovens are designed to fit within a kitchen cabinet unit, unlike built-under ovens which go under the kitchen countertop. It’s easy to get confused about these two categories of oven and assume they are the same thing, but they are in fact different.

In this article, we’ll explain what you need to consider when choosing a built-in double oven and look at some of the best models on the market in the UK.

We’ve researched the market and picked out five of the best built-in double ovens available in the UK right now.


Best Built-In Double Ovens in UK

1. Hisense BID95211XUK Built In Electric Double Oven

Hisense BID95211XUK Built in Electric Double Oven

Capacity of Cavities: 72L, 38L
Grill: Yes – Handle not included
Energy Rating: A/A

We think this model from Hisense is the best built-in double oven for the average household currently available.

With an attractive stainless steel effect, it suits almost every kitchen.

It also runs on electric power with an additional fan in the main cavity, promising fast cooking and consistent results. We also love the handy timer feature which turns the oven off automatically once your food is ready!

The second oven cavity has an additional grill setting – baking, grilling, or roasting, this oven does it all.

Once you’ve finished cooking, the Hisense oven is also easy to clean. Both cavities feature an enamel lining that repels grease and keeps your oven looking as good as new. One quick wipe and the dirt is gone!


2. NEFF N50 U1ACE5HN0B Built In Electric Double Oven

NEFF N50 U1ACE5HN0B Built In Electric Double Oven

Capacity of Cavities: 71L, 34L
Grill: Yes – Handle not included
Energy Rating: A/B

This oven from NEFF is another great option for most kitchens. It’s a multifunctional oven with both cavities featuring top and bottom elements.

 With multiple ways to cook, you can perfect your recipes every time. The top oven also features a grill to achieve those deliciously golden, crispy tops.

You can easily control and view all settings from the dials and LCD touch screen display.

The best thing about this double oven is its innovative catalytic liners. These actively catch and absorb grease as you cook, so you only need to wipe the interior to remove all debris.

NEFF has also used innovative telescopic rails inside the appliance. It has never been easier to slide entire shelves out and check on your recipes as they bake to perfection.


3. Hotpoint Class 2 DD2544CIX Built In Electric Double Oven

Hotpoint Class 2 DD2544CIX

Capacity of cavities: 74L, 42L
Grill? Yes
Energy rating: A/A

This Hotpoint double oven is brilliant for just about every kitchen, but bakers in particular are big fans of it.

The main oven is a fan oven, which means that controlling the temperature is nice and easy, so preparing meals is a breeze.

The second oven is a conventional oven, which is ideal for traditional cooking as the heat rises.

Both of the ovens also have catalytic liners, which makes cleaning both nice and simple. There is also a programmable timer that will turn the oven off once it is finished cooking.

So, thanks to the huge amount of cooking space, the clever timer and easing cleaning, it is perfect for a large family.


4. Bosch Serie 4 MBS533BS0B Built In Double Oven

Bosch Serie 4 MBS533BS0B Built In Electric Double Oven

Capacity of cavities: 71L, 34L
Grill? Yes
Energy rating: A/B

The Bosch Serie 4 MBS533BS0B is the most expensive product on this list so far. It’s a classy and product that could be the ideal centrepiece for a high-end kitchen.

The main oven cavity is a ‘multifunctional’ oven, which gives you a choice of conventional cooking or fan-assisted cooking. The second cavity features a handy electric grill.

The two ovens have ceramic linings which means and food residues and grease will be burnt away as you cook, so only minimal cleaning is required.

Apart from the knobs and handles, which feel quite cheap, this is a high-quality oven that is very easy to use and cooks quickly.

It also offers quite a good amount of space for a double oven, and the multifunctional main cavity is very versatile.


5. Indesit Aria IDD6340BL Built In Electric Double Oven

Indesit Aria IDD6340BL Built In Electric Double Oven

Capacity of Cavities: 74L, 42L
Grill: Yes
Energy Rating: A/A

This built-in double oven from Indesit is one of the largest on the market, perfect for preparing larger meals for friends and family.

The main oven has a capacity of 74 litres and includes a fan, meaning more efficient cooking and less time spent in the kitchen.

You can use the upper oven if you need additional space, which also doubles up as a grill.

This has to be the go-to option for anyone upgrading their kitchen on a budget.

It is extremely affordable. Yet its sleek black exterior, modern LED screen display, and high-quality parts will have everyone thinking you’ve paid a premium.


6. Indesit Aria DDD5340CIX Electric Double Oven

Indesit Aria DDD5340CIX Electric Double Oven

Capacity of Cavities: 71L, 39L
Grill: Yes
Energy Rating: A/A

Another fantastic Indesit oven is this stainless steel edition. You can choose from seven cooking functions, including defrosting, fan oven, slow cooking, conventional oven, and grilling.

There’s a function for everything, no matter what recipe you’re working on – from casseroles to cakes!

Once you’ve whipped up your creations, cleaning this appliance is easy. The catalytic liners absorb and oxidise fats before they burn onto your oven interior.

With one quick wipe, your oven is clean and shiny. The oven features an in-built digital timer too, so you can easily monitor your meals and ensure that perfect bake.


7. AEG DCB331010M Built-In Double Oven

AEG DCB331010M Built-In Double Oven

Capacity of cavities: 61L, 42L
Grill? Yes
Energy rating: A

This oven uses a feature that AEG call ‘SurroundCook’, which helps cook food evenly in all parts of the oven.

The main cavity combines conventional cooking with fan-assisted hot air cooking. In the second cavity, there’s a handy electric grill.

This oven has a premium feel to it, with a stylish stainless-steel finish and sleek touch controls.

However, the icons on the controls are very high up, so unless you’re very tall it’s hard to read them since this oven is designed to be used at eye level.


Things to Consider When Shopping for a Built-In Double Oven

Before you buy a built-in double oven, consider the following things.

Are you sure you want a built-in oven?

Make sure you’re not buying a built-in oven when you really want a built-under oven. A built-under oven fits under the kitchen worksurface, while a built-in model goes inside a space in your kitchen cabinet.


Do you have space?

A built-in oven will need to go into an oven housing unit in your kitchen cabinet. These ovens are designed to fit within a space that measures 90 cm high x 60 cm wide x 55 cm deep, so make sure you have room for one.


Is the main cavity big enough?

One downside of double ovens is that, while they offer two cooking cavities, neither of them is particularly large. Cavity sizes are given in litres, so you can compare them with the amount of space offered by single ovens.

If you want to cook turkeys and large roasts, a single oven might be a better choice as you will have more space. However, built-in double ovens are better than built-under ovens, as they are taller, which gives them more space.

Double oven in modern kitchen


Built-In Double Oven FAQs

Are built-in ovens a standard size?

Yes, although there are slight differences between models. Most built-in ovens measure roughly 89 cm high x 59.5 cm wide x 55 cm deep. See our oven sizes guide for more details.


Are built-in ovens the same as built-under ovens?

No. Built-in ovens are designed to fit within an oven housing section of your kitchen cabinet unit, whereas built-under ovens are designed to fit below the kitchen countertop.

This means that built-in ovens are used at roughly eye level, whereas built-under ovens require you to bend down to use them. They have roughly the same width and depth, but built-in ovens are taller.


Are built-in ovens hard-wired?

Most built-in ovens require hard wiring. In general, ovens rated over 3 kW or 13 amps need to be hard-wired, and most built-in ovens fit this description. Lower rated electric ovens can be used with a standard plug.


Do built-in ovens have legs/feet?

No, built-under ovens often come with legs/feet, but built-in ovens generally do not.


Can built-in ovens be built under?

Built-in ovens are taller than built-under ovens (about 89 cm tall rather than 70-75 cm tall). This means that they normally won’t fit under a kitchen countertop, so you can’t use them as built-under ovens.

Built-in double oven in kitchen



If we had to recommend just one of these built-in double ovens to recommend, it would be the Hisense BID95211XUK as it is reasonably priced and has a stylish yet neutral design that would suit almost any kitchen. It has two oven cavities, one of which has a grill. Both cavities are lined with grease-repelling enamel which makes them very easy to clean.