What Is a Top Oven Used For?

Close up oven door

If you’re weighing up whether a top oven is essential in your home, then you’ve come to the right place. Do top ovens really add much to your cooking abilities? Will you ever actually use a top oven? Is it worth getting a double oven just for some cheese on toast once a while?

Well, these are all vital questions when choosing a cooker. Obviously, we can’t say for sure if a top oven will be great for you and your family as we don’t know your situation. But here are some reasons why a top oven is really handy.

1. An Extra Cooking Space

This is kind of the obvious thing about top ovens. However, if you are a family of four or more, a top oven can make cooking every meal really easy.

When you are cooking things at different temperatures, and for different times, they are invaluable. Firstly, you can use the top oven for cooking different dishes. But you can also use the top oven as a warming oven. You can keep certain parts of the meal warm as you’re dishing up.

If you are a family of two or three, you may not think a top oven is vital to your kitchen. However, if you throw a lot of dinner parties or have a lot of people round for Christmas, having a top oven is a lifesaver.


2. Having a Separate Grill Is Really Handy

Oven with grill pan inside

I lived in a rented property with a single oven for a few years. This single oven had a grill that my partner and I never used. When you use a grill in a single oven, you suddenly don’t have an oven for the rest of your meal.

Now that we have a double oven, we use the grill all the time because we still have the second oven for other tasty treats.

Of course, the cheese on toast thing above was a joke. Still, really if you only have a single oven, your cheese on toast making abilities are restricted if someone else is using the oven.


3. Baking

Croissants baking in oven

If you love baking, but also need space to cook a regular meal as you experiment, having two ovens is perfect. You can use one for your baking and still have plenty of room for the family meal.


Single vs. Double Oven – Which Should You Choose?

double oven in the kitchen

When choosing between a single oven or a double oven, it all comes down to personal preference. Some people love double ovens and swear by them, others get by just fine with a single oven.

It depends on how many people you cook for, how often you think you’d benefit from having another oven and which ovens you have used up until now.

I prefer a double oven because I have grown up using them. They are really handy for the little bit of extra cooking space when you need it. Sure, you may not use the top oven every day, but when you need it, it’s there.

We hope this look at the uses of top ovens has been helpful. For more information about ovens, please explore our website further. We have loads of oven articles on here to help you choose your next type of oven or help you maintain your existing oven.