How to Fill the Gap Between the Oven and the Countertop

Kitchen with gap between oven and countertop

When you have a freestanding oven installed, there can often be an unsightly gap between the oven and the counter. My rented house actually has this, and there is nothing that I can do about it. However, you can!

If you have a gap between your countertop and your oven that is driving you crazy, here’s what you can do about the gap.

1. Use a pre-made cover

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There are purpose-built covers to fill the gap between your counter and your oven. These pre-made covers come in all kinds of materials so you can choose the one that suits the style of your kitchen.

For example, if you have wooden counters, you can use a wooden (often faux wooden) trim to go in the gap. You can also get faux stainless-steel covers and pretty much any other material you can think of.

A lot of these covers are actually plastic with a film over the top, so they are easy to cut and install.

Pre-made covers usually have a T shape which makes them easy to install. These covers don’t even need to be glued in or anything. So, if they become dirty, you can remove them and give them a clean. Plus, it makes it easy to remove your oven if you ever need to.


2. Use silicone

If your freestanding oven is a very tight fit in the space and a pre-made cover is too big for the gap, you can use silicone.

You can get loads of different coloured silicone nowadays so you can still match the style of your kitchen too.

A small bead around the edge is all it takes. The downside to using silicone is that you will have to cut it away if you want to remove your oven, but it can easily be reapplied.

A tip when using silicone: you can use masking tape along the edges of your countertop and your oven to create a small channel. Run the bead of silicone in this channel, smooth it with a tool or your finger (wear gloves) and then remove the tape. This will provide a very sleek look even if you have never used silicone before.


3. Using plastic tubing

There are some places online that state that you can use plastic tubing to fill the gap between your oven and the countertop.

Plastic tubing is useful if you are using silicone. The plastic tubing will fit between the oven and the countertop. Then you can use silicone to cover the tubing once it is installed. In most cases, a small bead of silicone around the top edge of the counter and oven is all that’s needed, though.

Remember, when you are filling the gap between an oven and countertop, you aren’t securing the oven to the countertop as this isn’t needed. So, there’s no need to use adhesive. In fact, using glue, in this case, will likely cause headaches in the future. Source a pre-made cover or silicone that matches the style of your kitchen and take your time to fill the gap correctly.

We hope this look at how to cover the gap between your oven and your worktop has been helpful. For more oven articles, please explore our website further. We have all the oven articles you need to choose your next oven or maintain your existing one.