Can a Dishwasher Be Installed Next to an Oven?

Dishwasher next to oven

When you are designing a kitchen, many questions come up. One of the most confusing kitchen questions, though, is whether a dishwasher can be installed next to an oven. So today, we’re exploring oven and dishwasher installation and whether they can be installed next to each other.


Can a Dishwasher Be Installed Next to an Oven?

Yes, dishwashers can be installed next to freestanding ovens. They can be placed together as long as there is 50 mm (5 cm) of clearance between your dishwasher and your oven for heat dissipation.

If, however, you have a built-in or built-under oven, you’ll need a gap of about 600 mm.


What About the Heat from the Oven?

You might be worried about the heat from your oven affecting your dishwasher. However, as long as you keep your oven at the recommended distance away from your dishwasher, both will work normally for many years.

The reason why a freestanding oven can be placed closer to a dishwasher than a built-in one is simply that a freestanding oven has better insulation than a built-in. Freestanding ovens need better insulation, of course, because often the sides of the oven are exposed, and you may touch them.

Dishwasher and oven next to each other

What About the Dishwasher’s Humidity?

During the drying process, dishwashers can give off a lot of humidity. However, on most dishwasher models, the moisture is typically vented out of the front. The back and sides of a dishwasher are sealed so a nearby dishwasher should pose no problems for an oven.

Something that can help with heat and humidity from the oven and dishwasher is something called a “gable”. When you install a dishwasher and oven next to each other, they span a large gap, and the counter needs to be reinforced in this gap. A gable can be used to do this.

Basically, this is just like sides of your cupboards. It provides strength to your counter and acts as a spacer in between your oven and your dishwasher. A gable doesn’t take up too much space either. So, you will still be able to place your oven and dishwasher 50 mm apart with the gable installed.



When it comes to installing a dishwasher next to an oven, the best advice we can offer is that it ultimately depends on the model of both. If you have a kitchen designer, ask their advice.

A good rule, though, is if you have a freestanding oven, installing a dishwasher next to it, shouldn’t be an issue. If you have a built-in oven, you’ll want to keep them apart at least 600 mm.

We hope this look at dishwasher and oven installations has been helpful. Don’t forget to check out our other oven articles on here. We have all of the oven articles you need whether you are installing a new kitchen, buying a new oven or just want to maintain your existing oven.