Installing an Induction Hob Above Drawers – Is This a Good Idea?

Kitchen with induction hob above drawer

Installing an induction over a drawer is a hot debate all over the web. Well, today, we’re clearing up whether an induction hob can indeed be fitted above a drawer once and for all.

The fact is, when you are designing a kitchen, you want to have the perfect kitchen for your home. So, why shouldn’t you fit an induction hob above a drawer?

Granted, if there was an issue with safety, installing an induction hob above a drawer would be a concern, but is this really a safety issue? Or, instead, is installing an induction hob above a drawer more about practicality?


Can You Install an Induction Hob Above a Drawer?

In most circumstances, installing an induction hob above a drawer has no safety issues at all. As long as the induction hob has the recommended clearance, it is fine.

It’s common for induction hobs to need a 50mm air space on the underside of the unit. As long as you have this clearance, installing an induction hob above a drawer should be perfectly fine.

Just remember, though, some induction hobs require an insulation panel to be installed underneath them. Many induction hobs even require this insulation panel for their warranty!

So, if your hob does, you’ll need to make allowances for the insulation panel, the air space required and the hob too. You may need a vent hole in the front of your cabinet too. This is to help the fan on your induction hob keep the hob and the components cool.

Drawers under induction hob

As long as you have all of the required space, the insulation panel and the vent holes, installing an induction hob above a drawer shouldn’t be an issue.

Something to consider, though, is whether the draw is made from solid wood or not. If the drawer is made from solid wood, the moisture created when cooking may cause wood movement, and this may make opening and closing the drawer an issue.

If the drawer is plywood or MDF with a veneer, you likely won’t have any issues.

If you are considering installing an induction hob over a drawer, as long as you follow the installation advice, you won’t have any issues at all.

Just treat the hob as though you are installing it without a draw underneath. Make all of the adjustment and allowances for the clearances that are stated by the manufacturer and then add your drawer.

We hope this has answered all of your induction hob and drawer related questions. If you need more info about induction hobs, please explore our website further.

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