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Chef's Pick is your guide to the best kitchen equipment and appliances in the UK. We help you understand the confusing world of cookers, ovens and cookware so you can get the most out of your kitchen.

Ceramic hob

Best Ceramic Hobs (2024 UK)

Ceramic hobs are easy to clean, look great and typically have lots of great safety features. Read on for our roundup of the best ceramic hobs available in the UK, plus more info on what ceramic hobs are and what you need to consider when choosing one.   Best Ceramic Hobs in the UK 1.

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Cooker lifespan

How Long Do Cookers Last?

At the heart of every kitchen lies a cooker. But unfortunately, no good thing lasts forever. Like all household appliances, your cooker will eventually break down, leaving you with the decision to either spend on repairs or buy a new replacement. But how long do cookers last? How can you extend your cooker’s lifespan? And

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