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Pan on electric hob

Best Gas Hobs (2020 UK)

Most home chefs prefer gas hobs as they offer instant heat and instant control of the cooking temperature. Electric hobs can be a pain, as you have to wait for them to heat up, and then wait for them to cool down again as your pan boils over. Gas hobs may be falling out of …

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Ceramic hob

Best Ceramic Hobs (2020 UK)

Ceramic hobs are easy to clean, look great and typically have lots of great safety features. Read on for our roundup of the best ceramic hobs available in the UK in 2020, plus more info on what ceramic hobs are and what you need to consider when choosing one.   Best Ceramic Hobs in the …

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Gas cooker

Top 10 Best Gas Cookers (2020 UK)

Gas cookers are a great addition to any kitchen. They heat up quickly, offer some excellent control when cooking and are perfect for anyone serious about making meals. Of course, we’re sure you already know that though. Most people who are looking for a gas cooker are replacing an older gas cooker. Once you have …

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