Clara Taylor

Clara is a freelance writer and former chef. Though she may have hung up her apron, her love of food and cooking is still going strong! When she’s not whipping up a verbal storm, she’ll be in her kitchen sipping wine and whipping up a culinary storm.

Do Microwaves Wear Out

Do Microwaves Wear Out?

We all love our microwaves. They’re handy, resourceful, and pretty robust. But nothing lasts forever, does it? Microwaves do wear out over time. In fact, the average lifespan of a healthy microwave is just around ten years. Several things can go wrong with microwaves over time. So, let’s explore the longevity of our nifty microwaves […]

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Is There a Maximum Distance Between the Hob and the Extractor

Is There a Maximum Distance Between the Hob and the Extractor?

Your extraction fan plays a fundamental role in maintaining the atmosphere of your kitchen, protecting the surrounding areas, removing cooking odours, and not setting off the smoke alarm – but they can also be something of a nuisance for the tall cook. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering or desiring an increase in the distance

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What Are Copper Stone Pans Made Of

What Are Copper Stone Pans Made Of?

British consumer goods brand JML produces a range of “copper stone” cookware. But what is “copper stone”? Does it actually contain copper? Does it contain stones?! Read on to find out. JML copper stone pans generally have a three-layer construction, consisting of a non-stick, scratch-resistant top, a forged aluminium core and a stainless-steel base. The

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Types of Cookers Explained

Types of Cookers Explained

Unless you’re an experienced chef, it’s unlikely you’re familiar with the types of cookers at your disposal. Perhaps you’re a big foodie, or the recent lockdowns have piqued an interest in the kitchen, and you’ve become something of a budding Gordon Ramsey—minus the shouting and swearing (we hope!)—and you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen with

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