Are Cuisinart Pans Oven Safe?

Are Cuisinart Pans Oven Safe

If you own Cuisinart pans or you’re thinking of buying some, it’s important to know if they are oven safe before exploring and trying new things in the kitchen.

Being able to pop a pan in the oven means you can cook steaks, fish, lamb and more to perfection. But can your Cuisinart pans go in the oven? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

We are going to generalise the Cuisinart cookware below. Cuisinart makes a lot of different cookware, so sadly, we can’t list every model they make and tell you whether it is oven safe or not.

Instead, we’ll split the cookware into categories like non-stick and stainless steel, for example, and give an overview of what they can be used for.

So, while your Cuisinart cookware may fall into these categories, it is always worth double-checking on the Cuisinart website as to whether or not your pan can go in the oven and what temperatures it can go up to.


Non-Stick Cuisinart Pans

Non-Stick Cuisinart Pans

Cuisinart states that its non-stick cookware can go in the oven up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, which is about 180 degrees Celsius. This includes glass lids if your pots and pans have them.

However, Cuisinart’s non-stick pans are only oven safe for short amounts of time—up to 20 minutes.

So, for a quick spell in the oven after frying or searing, non-stick pans can be used. However, if you exceed the time or temperature limits, you can run the risks of ruining the non-stick coating or melting the handle.

So, if you do intend to use pans in the oven a lot, it might be worth looking at a different Cuisinart range.


Stainless-Steel Cuisinart Pans

Stainless-Steel Cuisinart Pans

The stainless-steel pans that Cuisinart make are perfect if you enjoy transferring your pans from the hob into the oven.

They can go in the oven at temperatures up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit, which is about 290 degrees Celsius.

As most stainless-steel Cuisinart pans come with a stainless handle riveted securely in place, the pans can withstand much higher temperatures. As these pans also don’t have a non-stick coating, you can pop them in the oven for far longer too.


Enamelled Cast Iron

Cuisinart Enamelled Cast Iron

Cuisinart makes some beautiful enamelled cast iron skillets that can go in the oven to just about any temperature your oven can go up to. This cookware is very hard-wearing, will likely last you decades, and will happily go in and out of the oven for the entire time.



We hope this look at Cuisinart and whether or not its cookware is oven safe has been helpful. Cuisinart makes some lovely cookware, and most of it is oven safe to some degree or another.

Just remember, before you pop your pan in the oven, check whether the pots and pans you have are oven safe.

As we said earlier, a lot of Cuisinart’s cookware is oven safe, but there might be some ranges that aren’t. Also, don’t exceed the maximum temperature or times for your cookware, especially with non-stick pans.

For more about cookware, please explore Chef’s Pick further. We have all of the best cookware available in the UK right here, as well as plenty of other info about cookware that makes choosing the perfect pots and pans for your kitchen simple.