Is it Safe to Use the Self-Cleaning Function on an Oven While Sleeping?

Is it Safe to Use the Self-Cleaning Function on an Oven While Sleeping

So many ovens come with a self-cleaning function nowadays that finding one without this programme can be a bit of a challenge.

However, if you’ve never used the self-cleaning function on an oven, or you’re interested in buying a new oven with this feature, we’re here to clear up some commonly asked questions.

We have other articles about the self-cleaning function on ovens that go into detail about stopping the programme and how long they take.

Below, though, we’re looking at whether they are safe to use when you sleep.


Can You Safely Use the Self-Cleaning Function on an Oven While Sleeping?

Risks of Using the Self-Cleaning Function on an Oven While Sleeping

Self-cleaning ovens use high heat to turn any food and grime inside the oven to ash. You can then wipe this ash away with a damp cloth.

Most self-cleaning ovens can complete this cleaning task in a few hours, but some can take up to six.

So, it makes sense to set the oven to self-clean just before you sleep, right? That way, it will be clean and ready to cook the next morning. But is this safe?

The issue with running a self-clean cycle in an oven at night is the fumes and the potential of a fire. Now, the risks of a fire in a self-cleaning oven occur when there are large pieces of food or amounts of grease in the oven.

If these are present, it can cause a fire inside your oven, and if you aren’t around to spot it, this could result in a potentially life-threatening situation.

The fumes from a self-cleaning oven can also contain carbon monoxide, which in large enough quantities can be very harmful to us.

So, if you have a self-cleaning oven, it is always worth running your extractor fan/hood while using the self-cleaning cycle. Or opening windows to create a through draft in your kitchen.

We wouldn’t recommend running a self-cleaning cycle in an oven while you are asleep or out of the house.

We also wouldn’t recommend being in the kitchen while the cleaning cycle is running. But being close by means you can keep an eye on the oven.


How to Clean Your Oven Overnight

How to Clean Your Oven Overnight

If you do want to have a blissful night’s sleep while your oven is getting cleaned, though, there is a way. You can create a paste from bicarbonate of soda and water and cover the inside of your oven with this.

Leave this to soak overnight, and it should soften up all of the burnt-on food and grime and allow you to wipe it away.

You can also leave your oven racks in the sink overnight, soaking in a mixture of bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and water to clean those as well.


In Conclusion

Self-cleaning ovens are really handy to have, but there is a time and place to use the cleaning function. If you stay on top of your oven cleaning duties, there may never come a time that you need to use this feature.

It is designed for very stubborn, burnt-on grease, grime and food. As a result, if you do need to use the self-cleaning programme on your oven, you should supervise it until the cleaning programme has finished.

We hope this look at the self-cleaning function on ovens has been helpful. To find out more about self-cleaning ovens, please explore Chef’s Pick further.

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