Best Sauté Pans in the UK

Saute pan on gas hob

Just before we get to the best sauté pans in the UK right now, let’s look at what a sauté pan can bring to your kitchen.


The Advantages of Sauté Pans

Think of a sauté pan as a frying pan that offers more. In fact, a sauté pan is a bit like a frying pan and saucepan rolled into one.

So, you can use a sauté pan for everything that you normally use a frying pan for. However, you can also use it for meals that have a bit more liquid too. So, you can use a sauté pan for steaming, poaching, deep-frying and searing.

Sauté pans are certainly one of the most versatile pans in the kitchen. So, if you’re just starting to collect your cookware, if you’ve just moved in your first house, for example.

Or you want a really versatile piece of cookware that you can use for a host of cooking tasks, a sauté pan is a great choice. You can fry steak, cook amazing, one-pot meals and if you really don’t fancy washing up a saucepan, boil some veg too!

Sauté pans are fantastic on the hob. Of course, most sauté pans nowadays are suitable for use with induction hobs too.

However, some sauté pans can also be used in the oven as well. This adds even more to this already incredibly versatile piece of cookware.

You can create very complex dishes with a sauté pan that your family will love. Oh, and sauté pans also come with a lid (most do anyway). This adds even more versatility too.


Sauté Pan or Frying Pan?

We have an article explaining the difference between frying pans and sauté pans here. However, many people want to know whether they should have a frying pan or a sauté pan in the kitchen, or both.

As I stated in that other article, I have both. My partner and I had one frying pan for years, and then one day, she bought home a sauté pan because she had always wanted one. This begun our obsession with sauté pans, but we still use our frying pan all the time too.

I don’t think that choosing between a frying pan and a sauté pan is the right way to look at this. I think that having both pans in your kitchen is ideal.

Having a sauté pan is awesome, and I certainly wouldn’t be without one. However, frying pans are just as useful, and we use both when we cook often enough that I can’t recommend one over the other.

To me, there is no choice between a frying pan and a sauté pan. We use ours independently and together, and both are must-haves in our kitchen.

If you’re thinking about buying a sauté pan rather than a frying pan as you have a small kitchen or don’t really need two similar pans, I understand. My partner and I don’t really need two similar pans either, but both are a joy to use and allow you to make some complex meals.

However, if you can really only have either a frying pan or a sauté pan, I would choose a sauté pan. They are the most versatile piece of cookware (probably) that you can buy and will be a real asset in a small kitchen.

So, which are the best sauté pans in the UK? Well, I am glad you asked. Here they are!


Best Sauté Pans in the UK

1. ProCook Professional Granite Non-stick Sauté Pan

ProCook makes some fantastic cookware, and this sauté pan is certainly no exception to this. It is a 28cm sauté pan, so there is plenty of space for searing meat, cooking veg, fish and more.

This sauté pan is made out of aluminium. The body is forged, so it’s nice and strong yet not overly heavy either. The body allows heat to spread evenly and quickly too.

This sauté pan also has a fantastic non-stick coating and comes with a glass lid. Also, as the handle is metal too, this sauté pan can be used in the oven, making it even more versatile.

If that wasn’t enough, ProCook has also made this sauté pan with induction hob owners in mind too. So, no matter what style of hob you have, you can enjoy this big sauté pan and cooking some fantastic meals with it.


2. Le Creuset 3-Ply Stainless Steel Sauté Pan

Le Creuset is one of the biggest names in cookware, and when you look at this sauté pan, it isn’t difficult to see why.

Firstly, this sauté pan looks incredible, but it offers way more to your kitchen than a nice design. It is a 3-ply stainless steel pan. The layers of stainless-steel sandwich a layer of aluminium. This means that heat spreads nice and evenly while the cooking surface is non-stick and robust.

Once again, this sauté pan is oven safe, it is also dishwasher safe. Le Creuset cookware is the choice of many professional chefs.

This is because they make some of the finest cookware in the world and most of their products (including this sauté pan) are covered by a lifetime guarantee.

So, while this stainless-steel sauté pan will look amazing in your kitchen for years, it will also be an invaluable tool too.


3. Blue Diamond 28cm Sauté Pan

This sauté pan has some fantastic reviews and an excellent price. The reason we choose this sauté pan for this article is that it looks very similar to the sauté pan that my partner got for our home.

The two handles on this sauté pan make transferring it from the hob to the oven or to the counter really easy. Plus, this Blue Diamond sauté pan has an excellent non-stick coating that is diamond infused. It’s five times tougher than most non-stick coatings and lasts for 10 times as long too.

Once again, this sauté pan can be used in the oven as both handles are metal. The handle on the toughened glass lid is also metal.

This sauté pan is suitable for induction hobs and all other hob types. The forged, heavy base spreads heat evenly but doesn’t warp at all. For the price, this sauté pan is remarkable. Also, the colour is great too!


4. Skylight 28cm Non-stick Sauté Pan

Skylight has used their magical non-stick coating on this sauté pan, so you barely need any oil when cooking with it. If you want to start prepping healthy meals for the week, this sauté pan is the perfect addition to your kitchen.

This 28cm sauté pan will help you cook a lot of meat, fish or veg at once. You can use this pan like a wok in a pinch and take advantage of all of the other amazing things that sauté pans are known for.

Once again, this sauté pan can be used on all hob types. This is thanks to the three-layer bottom that also offers perfect heat distribution.

So, with the fantastic non-stick coating that contains no harsh chemicals at all and the robust body of this sauté pan, this is certainly a fantastic addition to any kitchen!


5. Circulon Professional Sauté Pan

Finally, we have a professional sauté pan from the fantastic Circulon. This is a 24cm sauté pan that is oven safe and can be used on induction hobs too.

The clever silicone grips will allow you to transfer this sauté pan from the hob to the oven and back again really easily. However, it is the body of this sauté pan that is most impressive.

The body is made from anodized aluminium and stainless steel. This ensures quick and even heat distribution. Plus, the lid really helps to lock in flavours too.

This sauté pan is built for the professional kitchen but will work fantastically well in any passionate chef’s kitchen! It looks great but performs amazingly!



Well, there is our list of the best sauté pans in the UK right now. We love the ProCook professional sauté pan, but there is a sauté pan on this list for everyone. Please check out our other cookware articles for more information about the best cookware of 2020.