Best Steamer Pans (2023 UK)

Pots and pans on hob

Steamer pans allow you to lock in flavours and nutrients, giving you healthier and better tasting food than you’d get from boiling.

They also make great use of the space on your hob, as you can stack steamer pans on top of each other and cook different ingredients in each tier.

We have an amazing collection of steamer pans for you in this article. Read on for our recommendations as well as an exploration of whether or not it’s worth investing in one.

Let’s look at some of the best steamer pans in the UK now, shall we?


Best Steamer Pans in the UK

1. Morphy Richards 3 Tier Steamer Pan

Diameter: 18 cm
Materials: Stainless steel

This Morphy Richards steamer pan has three tiers. The first is for water, so you have two tiers to do all of your steaming in.

It’s an 18 cm pan which means it’s big enough for couples to cook a whole meal, but will work for a family if you want to cook your veg in it.

This steamer pan is made from stainless steel and comes with a glass lid. There is an inner layer of aluminium in the base pan, though. This speeds up boiling and gets you steaming quicker.

The handles are plastic, though. The plastic handles mean that this steamer can easily be removed from the hob. Speaking of the hob, this steamer can be used on all hob types, including induction.


2. Tower Essentials 3 Tier Steamer Pan

Diameter: 18 cm
Materials: Stainless steel

You may notice that this Tower Essentials steamer pan has a large pan on the bottom so that the pan won’t boil dry as you’re steaming. This is just one reason that this steamer pan made our list.

It is also made from stainless steel, but has silicone handles. So, it heats up quickly, but you can remove it from the hob easily and safely too.

This steamer pan is also oven safe and dishwasher safe too. Plus, it can be used on induction hobs as well as any other type of hob.

Finally, this steamer pan comes with a tempered glass lid and two steamer sections. All of this makes this steamer an ideal choice for any sized household.


3. Royal Cuisine 3 Tier Steamer Pan

Diameter: 24 cm
Materials: Stainless steel

This steamer pan is 24 cm, so it is a bit bigger than the other pans on this list. That makes this steamer perfect for larger households.

Once again, though, this steamer pan can be used on induction hobs. It is also a three-tier steamer and has a vented glass lid too.

The best thing about this steamer, though is the big base. As the lid fits on the base of this steamer, you can use this as a big saucepan or stockpot too.

This saves cupboard space as this is a bigger steamer pan. So, you get all the versatility of a steamer with this pan and a stockpot too, even better!


4. Penguin Home 3 Tier Steamer Pan

Diameter: 20 cm
Materials: Stainless steel

If you want a steamer pan that will look great in your kitchen and provide all of the steaming power that you need, this is it.

We know that style isn’t that important in cookware, but we also know that great looking cookware can add a lot to a kitchen!

This steamer pan from Penguin Home is beautiful! It is stainless steel (including the lid) and has a wonderful polished finished.

Once again, this is a three-tier steamer, and the bottom pan can be used as a stock pot too. The handles on this steamer are also stainless steel so care should be taken when removing it from the hob.

Oh, and this steamer can be used on induction hobs. This steamer looks great, but it is made from very good quality materials, so it performs well too!


5. KitchenCraft Universal Food Steamer

Diameter: 20 cm
Materials: Stainless steel

This is the perfect way of getting a steamer into a kitchen while saving space too.

We know that steamer pans are big pieces of cookware that not everyone has the space for. So, we offer this universal steamer to those of you who want to save space in their kitchen.

This stainless-steel steamer can fit onto any 16, 18 or 20 cm saucepan. You get one steamer with this kit, but you can, of course, buy a couple so that you can have a three-tier steamer too.

It also comes with a lid, so it doesn’t rely on you having a lid for your saucepan. Plus, it works in the exact same way as the steamers on this list but saves you loads of space too!

This steamer insert is perfect for anyone who wants to steam their food, but can’t justify the space that a three-tier steamers pan takes up.


Do You Need a Steamer Pan? Is Buying One Worth It?

If you want to make really delicious food that harnesses the natural goodness in the ingredients then yes, a steamer pan is really worth it.

Steaming food locks in the natural flavour and the nutrients. These nutrients are lost when you boil food, because they are released into the water. This draws a lot of the nutrients out and makes food taste quite bland. Plus, you aren’t getting all of the goodness out of the food either.

So, steamer pans are really worth their money if you want better tasting food that is better for you.

Of course, many people think that steamer pans are just good for vegetables and they take up more space than a single saucepan.

So, steamer pans don’t really seem worth it because they are big and bulky and you can only use them for vegetables, right? Well, veg does taste great when steamed, but steamers are way more versatile than most of us give them credit for.

You can steam fish, chicken, pasta, rice, lentils and way more with a steamer pan. You can enjoy loads of different foods that are packed full of nutrients!

If you want to cook healthier meals, a steamer pan is a great addition to your kitchen. With simple ingredients, you can do a lot with a steamer.

You can cook vegetables in one layer of the steamer and then salmon in the other and create a very simple, very healthy, very delicious dish in no time at all.

So, whether you want better-tasting meals or meals that are better for you, a steamer pan can provide it all.


How Do You Use a 3-Tier Pan Steamer?

Using a 3-tier pan steamer is really easy, and you have loads of options to make the most out of this cookware too.

To start with, you have the base. You can use the base to boil veg if you like. The lid that fits over the 3-tier steamer fits the base too. So, this can act as a saucepan all by itself.

When it comes to steaming, though, setting up a tier steamer is really simple. Just fill the base with water.

You don’t need a lot of water and can always add more during the steaming process. Bring this to the boil.

Then, add your veggies to the other tiers, and get to cooking. Keep the lid on the steamer throughout the cooking process, as this locks in the steam and flavour.

You can use both the tiers of the steamer at once or just one if you don’t have too many vegetables to steam.

A good rule of thumb for steamers (when you are using all of the tiers) is that the food that is going to take the longest should be in the tier nearest the water. This allows you to remove the food that steams faster without too much distribution.

For example, rice should be nearest the water as it takes about 20 minutes. While leafy greens and things like asparagus take between 5 and 7 minutes, so these should go in the top tier.


Bamboo vs. Stainless Steel Steamers

As you can see, all the steamers on our list are stainless steel. You may be considering buying a bamboo steamer rather than a metal one, though.

After all, bamboo steamers are nice and traditional and do a great job at steaming food. They also have more layers than a metal steamer, so you can cook different foods at once.

However, we would always choose stainless steel over bamboo for a few reasons.


Bamboo steamers absorb water as they cook, which is great when it comes to steaming as this prevents condensation from landing on the food.

However, if you are cooking smelly foods, like fish, for example, the water absorbed into the bamboo can leave an odour that is difficult to remove. This odour can then leech out in other cooking processes.

Stainless steel steamers don’t hold onto any flavours, so if you do use one for cooking fish, a simple clean will get rid of any lingering odours and get the steamer ready for use again.



Bamboo steamers can last a good few years of use, but they do not last as long as stainless steel. Wood does not react well to water and steam.

Over time, the bamboo will absorb a lot of moisture, and this can mean that joints in the woods begin to fail.

Stainless steel is not affected by water. It is resistant to rust and doesn’t absorb water, so while a bamboo steamer may last a few years, a stainless steel one can last well over 10 years of daily use.



To clean stainless steel steamers, you have plenty of options. You can chuck it in the dishwasher, wash it by hand, take it outside and power wash it, or even put it on the roof of your car the next time you go through a car wash.

Stainless steel is a really hardy material that can be washed in any way you usually wash your cookware.

Bamboo, on the other hand, is quite fragile. You shouldn’t soak a bamboo steamer in water for longer than five minutes. Some cleaning instructions for bamboo steamers say you shouldn’t even use warm water and don’t even get us started on washing up liquid!

You need to be ultra-careful when washing bamboo steamers, and this can make them frustrating to use.



Bamboo steamers need to be used over the top of a saucepan, but a stainless-steel steamer has the saucepan built-in already.

This means you can use the saucepan part by itself or use one or two tiers, depending on how much you want to steam.

While an argument could be made that bamboo steamers are more versatile because they have more tiers to use, we feel that because stainless steel steamers already have the saucepan included in the design (and you don’t have to sacrifice one of your saucepans every time you use the steamer), this makes stainless steel steamers a bit more versatile in a modern kitchen.

We’re big fans of using traditional cookware in modern kitchens. However, in the case of steamers, we believe that stainless steel ones are the better option for most cooking tasks nowadays.

They are much easier to clean, last a lot longer, and offer more versatility when it comes to modern cooking practices.



We hope you found the perfect steamer pan for your needs on the list above. We love the Morphy Richards steamer pan, it’s nice and compact, yet you’re still able to cook a meal for a couple or small family in it.

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