Are Copper Pans Non-Stick?

Are Copper Pans Non-Stick

If you’re interested in copper pans for your kitchen, you may have a few questions about this rare type of cookware.

Copper pans really draw the eye. They are unique and aren’t seen in our kitchens a lot.

Many people are attracted to copper cookware because of this but have some questions about them. We’ve covered a lot of FAQs about copper pans on Chef’s Pick, and below, we’re looking at whether they are non-stick.


Are Lined Copper Pans Non-Stick?

Most modern copper pans are lined with something. Almost all brand-new copper pans now are lined with stainless steel. However, there are still some copper pans lined with tin. These are much more common in the used market, but some manufacturers are still producing them too.

Stainless steel-lined copper pans

Stainless steel-lined copper pans

Stainless steel does have some non-stick properties. In fact, it’s one of the best raw metals in this regard. Stainless steel isn’t as effective as manufactured non-stick coating, but it does work very well.

Stainless steel is extremely smooth and hard-wearing. So, the non-stick properties will last for a very long time. If you scratch the surface of the pan, though, you will notice that food begins to stick.

Tin-lined copper pans

Tin-lined copper pans

Tin gives a copper pan an excellent non-stick surface. Just like stainless steel, tin is very smooth. However, tin-coated copper pans do have their drawbacks.

Tin is a very soft metal, so you need to be very careful when using these pans. You should never use metal utensils with these pans. In fact, even some wooden utensils can damage tin.

You also shouldn’t heat tin-coated copper pans without anything in them. Tin has a low melting point, and your hob can actually melt the lining. When treated correctly, tin does offer a brilliant non-stick coating that can last for decades.


Are Traditional Copper Pans Non-Stick?

Are Traditional Copper Pans Non-Stick

Jam pots and speciality pans don’t have a lining at all, and so you are relying on the copper itself to be non-stick. Still, copper does a fantastic job here.

The fact that jam pots are unlined tells us that copper has superb non-stick properties. Jam is incredibly thick and sticky, so if copper can handle jam, it can certainly handle just about any recipe you can throw at it.

Again, copper is a soft metal (when compared to something like stainless steel), so you need to be careful when stirring. Still, if you keep your copper pans in good condition, the non-stick properties, and the beautiful charm will last for decades or more.



We hope this look at copper pans and how non-stick they are has been helpful. While most examples of copper cookware do have good non-stick properties, if you are used to non-stick coatings, you may struggle with these.

If you are used to using metal cookware with no coating, you’ll get on just fine. Just remember to treat the linings or bare metal with care.

It’s best not to use metal utensils with any copper cookware either. Stick with wood or silicone, and you’ll likely pass your copper pans down to your kids when you’re finished with them.

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