What Is an Induction Hob Protector?

Induction hob

Induction hob protectors are a great way to keep your induction hob looking new.

If you’ve just invested in an induction hob and don’t want to scratch it, these protectors will be your best friend.

They are very simple to apply to the hob and will protect it from spills and scratches from pans.

Let’s learn more about induction hob protectors and whether you should put one on your hob or not.


What Are Induction Hob Protectors?

There are plenty of ways of protecting an induction hob from getting scratched. You could simply cover the hob with a tea towel while you aren’t using it.

There are also custom induction hob protectors designed so you can use them as a work surface when the hob isn’t in use, but you need to remove them before cooking.

As you’ll likely know, cooking is when most scratches can occur. If someone is too vigorous with their mixing, or if food spills and a pan is pushed through the mess.

So, there are induction hob protectors that you can cook on. This is a great way of keeping your hob protected and clean.


Lakeland Induction Hob Protector Liner

Lakeland Induction Hob Protector Liner

This Lakeland induction hob protector covers the whole hob, and it is so easy to install. You don’t need to stick it down to the hob or cut it to size.

You can simply place the flexible protective mat over your hob and cook straight on top of it.

It won’t interfere with your pots and pans, and it can withstand heat up to 250 degrees.

It is also black, so it will blend in nicely when the hob isn’t in use. So, when the kids chuck their school bags on the hob or your partner puts their lunch box down on the hob, it is protected.

The mat is made from silicone, ceramic and glass, so it is flexible and strong. It also offers some security when cooking.

The silicone provides grip for the pan, so it will stay securely in place throughout the cooking process.

It is designed to fit most hobs, but if you have a larger induction hob, you may want to buy two of these mats and cut them to fit.

If you are thinking of buying a protective mat for your induction hob, we would recommend one that you can use during the cooking process.

As we said, this is when most hobs get damaged. So, having protection as you cook is the best way of ensuring your induction hob looks beautiful for years to come.


Should I Get an Induction Hob Protector?

Induction hob protectors really do work very well. They are really easy to clean, and they can be rolled up and stored away if you have guests coming round.

If you do get an induction hob protector, we would recommend using one like the Lakeland one above. It protects while cooking as well as when the hob isn’t in use.

Adding a layer of protection to your induction hob is always a good idea. The ceramic top can scratch if it isn’t protected, which can ruin an induction hob’s style.

These protectors are not that expensive and are certainly a lot cheaper than a replacement top for your induction hob.

We hope this look at protectors for induction hobs has been helpful. If you’re new to the induction hob world, you’re in luck.

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