Can You Cover an Induction Hob to Protect It?

Can You Cover an Induction Hob to Protect It

If you’re buying an induction hob soon and want to protect your shiny new hob, you’re in the right place.

Protecting an induction hob is a great way of keeping it looking great, stopping little hands from getting burnt as they investigate this cool new toy, and can even allow you to use the hob as another surface while you’re preparing to cook.

So, yes, there are certainly induction hob protectors, and we’re going to show you some today.


Different Types of Induction Hob Protection

There are different ways to protect your induction hob. Below, we have three of the most popular protectors for these hobs to choose from.

There is an induction hob protector for everyone and everything. From pets sitting on your hob to preventing scratches and stains, we have all the protection you need.

1. Splashbacks/hob covers

The Larsic Hob Cover is a foldable cover suitable for induction hobs. It features an anti-slip coating, so it is great for preparing food when the hob isn’t in use, and then it is easily folded away and tucked away when not in use.

This protector is also waterproof and heat resistant, so it’s versatile and protects your hob from scratches and offers more working area when the hob isn’t in use.

Now, you can fold this hob protector away and tuck it in a cupboard when you aren’t using it if you like.

Or, you can use the supplied hooks and attach it to the wall. Many people use the hooks and create a backsplash for their hob for even more protection.

So, if you need wall and hob protection, get it all here.


2. Induction hob protector liners

Lakeland Induction Hob Protector Liner

This protector is made by Lakeland and basically works the same as a screen protector on your phone.

You stick it on your hob and use your hob as your normally would. The liner can withstand temperatures up to 250 degrees Celsius and will prevent scratches and marks on your hob.

This protector comes in a roll and is 59cm by 52cm and can be cut to size to fit your hob. This liner won’t protect small hands from touching the hob, but it will prevent marks, stains and scratches on your new hob.

If this one does get dirty or scratched, it is cheap to replace. This liner is a bit tricky to install, but the instructions are well written.


3. Chopping board/protectors

We really like these WENKO chopping boards. They’re suitable for all hob types and allow you to use your induction hob as a work surface when you aren’t cooking with it, so these are great for a smaller kitchen.

There are 8 designs and colours to choose from (the marble and slate ones are our favourites).

You get two large glass chopping boards that are a great size for most hobs. You can leave the chopping boards on your hob all the time and then remove them when you want to cook up a storm.

Also, these will prevent small hands from reaching the controls and turning on the hob without you knowing.



We hope this look at induction hob protectors has helped you choose yours. There are lots of ways to cover up your induction hob and protect it.

If you don’t have your induction hob yet, you’re in luck. We’ve researched and picked out the best induction hobs in the UK right now, so check out that article if you’re looking to buy a new hob.