Best Dual Fuel Cookers (2022 UK)

Cooker with gas hob

Today, we’re looking at the best dual fuel cookers in the UK right now. We’ll also be answering some questions about dual fuel cookers, like whether or not they cost more to run.

So, if you’re interested in adding a dual fuel cooker to your kitchen, this is the perfect article for you.

Let’s start by looking at the best cookers available in the UK right now, shall we?

Best Dual Cookers in the UK

1. Beko Pro KDDF653W 60 cm Dual Fuel Cooker

Beko Pro KDDF653W 60 cm Dual Fuel Cooker

Main oven capacity: 69 litres
Energy rating: AA

This Beko dual fuel cooker has all of the cooking power anyone could ever need. The main oven has a fan, so it keeps the cavity nice and warm throughout.

The second oven is a conventional oven that also acts as a grill. Both ovens are electric, while the hob is gas. The gas hob really allows you to dial in the temperature just as you’d like it. There are also four burners, so plenty of cooking space.

This cooker is white, so you may need to up your cleaning game to keep it looking fresh. However, it does add a lot of style to your kitchen and can breathe life into even the most modern of kitchens.

Overall, this dual-fuel pro cooker from Beko is really enjoyable to use. It is responsive and doesn’t have too many functions to make cooking complicated. You’re in control of this powerful and stylish cooker.


2. Smeg SUK61MBL9 60 cm Dual Fuel Cooker

Smeg SUK61MBL9 60 cm Dual Fuel Cooker

Main oven capacity: 70 litres
Energy rating: A

Smeg is known for making very stylish kitchen appliances, and this oven is certainly no exception to this rule. It packs bags of style into a brilliant cooker. The four gas burners up top have a real professional feel about them. The control knobs are really well made as well. You can really the quality when you use them.

There is only one oven on this Smeg model, which may put a few people off. In fact, that is why this Smeg dual fuel came in second on our list. While the oven does a fantastic job and many chefs will love it, if you’re used to having two ovens like us, you may find having only one is a bit restrictive. If you enjoy having a single oven and a good amount of space, then this cooker will be a powerhouse in your home.


3. Indesit KDP60SE 60cm Double Oven Dual Fuel Cooker

Indesit KDP60SE 60cm Double Oven Dual Fuel Cooker

Main oven capacity: 74 litres
Energy rating: AA

If you’re after a cooker with a retro style, but you’d really like it to have modern internals that save you money on your energy bills, this is the ideal dual fuel cooker for you.

This cooker would look right at home in a 50s kitchen. However, the brushed metal looks fantastic in the most modern kitchen as well.

Because of the retro design, this cooker does have a few drawbacks. For example, the ovens do have glass doors, but they are tinted to give the oven a retro look. This does make looking into the oven a bit difficult, but not impossible.

The functions of this cooker are also quite basic. Both ovens can be used as ovens, and the top oven can be used as a grill too. That is it. Still, many chefs love the simplicity of this oven, and the style is undoubtedly one of the best in the price bracket.


4. Stoves Sterling STERLING600DF 60cm Dual Fuel Cooker

Stoves Sterling STERLING600DF 60cm Dual Fuel Cooker

Main oven capacity: 65 litres
Energy rating: AA

Stoves have been a quality name in kitchen appliances for many years. This latest dual fuel cooker ensures that its name continues to be associated with quality in the kitchen.

The cooker is extremely stylish, making it perfect for just about any kitchen. However, it also has all of the power you need to cook great meals too. The main oven is fan assisted, and the second oven is conventional. So, bakers and chefs will enjoy using the oven.

The hob has four gas rings that are protected by a glass top when not in use. This makes the hob nice and safe but also offers you a bit more working area when preparing dinner.

The large cavities and the additional working surface really make this cooker wonderful for a family home or a home that cooks large meals a lot.


5. Belling Farmhouse 60DF Dual Fuel Cooker

Belling Farmhouse 60DF Dual Fuel Cooker

Main oven capacity: 65 litres
Energy rating: AA
Number of functions: 5

If this list was all about style, this Belling Farmhouse cooker would be number one. In my opinion, this cooker is the most beautiful on this list. It has that farmhouse quality that Belling is known for, but the grey colour offers a modern feel too.

Of course, as this is a Belling cooker, it does have all the power you need as well. The four gas hob rings can be dialled in perfectly to create sauces, sear steaks and boil veg.

The ovens on this Belling are also brilliant. The main oven is fan assisted to ensure even cooking on all of the shelves. The top oven is conventional and also has a grill.

The top oven also has a solid door, adding to the style of the cooker. For the price, this cooker is very hard to beat on style and function.


What Is a Dual Fuel Cooker?

We hope that list of dual fuel cookers has made you fall in love with your next cooker. However, some of you may be wondering what a dual fuel cooker is.

Well, a dual fuel cooker gives you the best of different types of fuel. The examples above all have gas hobs and electric ovens. Some dual-fuel cookers have gas ovens and induction hobs, though.

Basically, a dual fuel offers you control while cooking. The gas hob, for example, allows you to dial in the exact temperature you want. The electric ovens offer a steady and consistent heat to make cooking easy.

So dual fuels really offer you the best of all cooking technology in one, usually very stylish, package.


Do Dual Fuel Cookers Cost More to Run?

You may think that dual fuels cost more to run because they use two fuels. However, the hob uses one type of fuel, and the ovens use a second type of fuel. This means that there is no extra cost to using one of these cookers. In fact, depending on the energy rating of the cooker you are replacing, you may find that a dual fuel cooker is actually saving you money.

All of the cookers we showed you above have an energy rating of A. If your old cooker has a lower energy rating, you could actually see some savings.


Are Dual Fuel Cookers Complicated to Install?

This is probably the biggest drawback to dual fuel cookers: installing them. You see, most kitchens are set up to have one type of cooker, either electric or gas. So, installing a dual fuel can become a bit more complicated.

While many of the big kitchen appliance shops offer installation on dual fuels, they do state that they will take your old cooker away and install your new one. This is their way of saying that you need to actually already have a dual fuel cooker, so they can simply swap out your old one for your new one.

Most dual fuel cookers need to be hard-wired into a circuit. This is a separate circuit for your cooker that stops it from overloading. They also need a gas connection.

If you already have a dual fuel cooker, then you’re already set up for all of this, and installation will be easy. If you don’t have an electrical circuit dedicated to your cooker, or you don’t have a gas connection for a cooker, installation does get complicated.

In this case, you’ll need to have the missing connection installed either by a qualified electrician or a gas-safe engineer.

The prices for both can vary wildly, and it really depends on how complicated the job will be. If you don’t have one of these connections in your kitchen, it is worth getting a quote from a qualified electrician or gas engineer before investing in your new cooker.



We hope this look at dual fuel cookers has been helpful and that you found the perfect cooker above for your kitchen.

While we love all of the cookers above, we would have to go with the Beko Pro. It looks so stylish in a modern kitchen and packs a big punch in the cooking department too.

To find more cookers to fall in love with, please explore Chef’s Pick further. We have the latest and greatest cookers right here that can make your kitchen the heart of your home.