Can You Recoat a Non-Stick Pan?

Non-Stick Frying Pan

If your non-stick frying pan has seen better days, you may be wondering whether you can bring it back to life.

While you cannot technically replace the non-stick coating at home, there are a few things that you can do to make it non-stick once more.

Applying a non-stick coating to a pan is an industrial process. We’d love to say there’s a magical spray you can use to recoat a pan, but there currently isn’t anything like that available.

Still, as we said, there are ways to bring back a non-stick coating, let’s find out how, shall we? 


How to Make a Pan Non-Stick Again

1. Non-stick spray

Spraying cooking spray on frying pan

The first way to make a pan non-stick again is to use a non-stick spray. These are designed for use during baking and grilling, for example. Still, they do work great for frying as well.

These sprays are not a one-time solution to your problem. You’ll have to use the spray every time you use the pan.

We’ll give you some recommendations on the non-stick sprays to use in just a moment. However, do stay clear of spray lubricants like Teflon sprays. These are designed for use in the automotive industry and should never be used to cooking with.

Here’s a non-stick spray you can use for cooking.

Weber Non-stick Spray

Weber Non-Stick Spray | Non-Stick Cooking Spray for BBQ Grill | Weber Barbecue Accessories | Designed for Use on Barbecue Grills - 200ml (17685)

This is a go-to non-stick spray for a lot of people. Weber designed this spray to work amazingly well on grills and BBQs. However, it does work on frying pans as well.

The bottle is designed to spray at any angle, and you really don’t need a lot to enjoy non-stick cooking. You will need to use this spray every time you cook, though.

This non-stick spray isn’t cheap, but it lasts a while and makes cooking and cleaning a lot easier.

2. Seasoning a non-stick frying pan

You can also season a non-stick frying pan. This very simple method can bring a pan back to life and make food glide off the surface like it was new.

We have covered seasoning ceramic pans in another article, and this seasoning method does work well for any type of non-stick coating.

You may notice there are a few discolouration marks when seasoning a pan that already has a non-stick coating. This is normal. The discolouration is where the coating has already failed.

Once the pan has been seasoned properly, the whole surface will be black.

Non-stick pan

Which Method Is Best for Rejuvenating Non-Stick Pans?

If it were our pan, we would choose a natural seasoning method. Non-stick sprays can work well, but they contain PTFE and other harsh chemicals that most manufacturers are now steering clear of.

We hope this article about recoating a non-stick frying pan has been helpful.

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