How Far Should a Fridge Be from an Oven?

Modern white kitchen with fridge and oven far apart

Whether you are rearranging your kitchen or completely redesigning it, knowing where you should or shouldn’t place your bigger appliances is always a good idea.

Is there a legal amount of space that you should leave between your oven and fridge? Is there a logical space you should leave between the two?

Well, having done as much research into space between an oven and fridge as possible, I can tell you that it is a tricky one to answer.

There are differing opinions, to say the least.

So, let’s breakdown how far your fridge should be from the oven and try and clear this whole topic up once and for all, shall we?


How Far Should a Fridge Be from an Oven?

How long is a piece of string? It would appear that many kitchen designers say that there doesn’t need to be a gap between your oven and your fridge. You can use your fridge and your oven side-by-side for years and they will work perfectly well.

The debate, of course, comes when the oven heats up. When the air around the oven heats up, surely the fridge is going to have to works its socks off to cool this air and keep your food cool?

Well, this is a clever argument. However, most kitchen designers nowadays say that as fridges and ovens are so economical, you will barely notice any change to your electricity prices if you do put your fridge next to the oven.

So, perhaps even just 10 years ago, it was smarter to have your fridge and oven spaced out, but now, it’s not so much of a big deal.

In fact, even the greenest of households wouldn’t complain about the energy they were using, simply because they aren’t using any extra energy.

With the advancements of fridge linings keeping food cold, there really is no noticeable difference.

Fridge near oven in kitchen

Making Room for Hob Rings

Of course, it does make sense to keep your oven and your fridge at a safe distance. This isn’t because of the heat of the oven or anything. This is so that you can access all of the pans and pots on all of the hob rings.

Of course, if you’re talking about a built-in oven that doesn’t have a hob attached to it, then this isn’t an issue. Having access to all of the hob rings safely is something to consider when placing your oven and fridge.

If you have a tall fridge, a healthy gap between that and the oven is a good idea, so you don’t burn yourself.



So, as long as you have newer appliances, the distance from your fridge to your oven is really up to you now.

Of course, if you have an older oven and fridge, you may want to do a bit of further research, but if your kitchen appliances are new, you can put them where you like.

If you do think that your fridge and oven need to be kept at a safe distance, then ask your kitchen designer to ensure they are kept apart.

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