What Is a Warming Drawer For?

What Is a Warming Drawer For

A warming drawer can be a brilliant addition to your kitchen. If you’re thinking about adding a warming drawer to your kitchen but aren’t sure what they are capable of, you’re in luck. Today, we’re looking at this multi-functional kitchen tool that can help you out in many ways!

We’ll also discuss whether owning a warming drawer is worth it or not. But first, let’s look at the many uses of these drawers of warmth, shall we?


What You Can Use a Warming Drawer For

1. Keeping plates warm

As you know, a warming drawer is exactly that, it is a drawer that has a controllable temperature, so it is ideal for keeping your plates warm just before serving.

This is what most home chefs will use a warming drawer for, and it works brilliantly for it. Serving your food on a warm plate is the perfect way of letting your friends know you care about cooking, and the meal they are about to eat will be out of this world!

2. Keeping food warm

Keeping food warm in warming drawer

Along with keeping your plates warm, warming drawers are also ideal for keeping components of a meal warm while others are still cooking.

You can leave meat in the drawer to rest as you finish the veg, or if something is ready to go to the table, but something needs a few more minutes, you can pop it in the warming drawer.

We all know the pressure when one part of a meal is ready, but everything else isn’t. Do you wrap it with foil and leave it on the side?

Do you risk overcooking it by leaving it in the oven? With a warming drawer, you don’t have this stress. Just pop it in there until everything else is ready.

3. Storing roasting and baking tins

You may think that when a warming drawer isn’t in use, it is taking up valuable storage space in your kitchen. However, a warming drawer can be used as a storage space when it isn’t in use. It is perfect for storing roasting and baking tins when you aren’t using them.

When you’re using the drawer, you’ll likely be using the baking trays anyway, so you won’t need to find another place to store them while you cook.

4. Slow cooking

Depending on the warming drawer you buy, you can actually use them to slow cook. This depends on how many power settings the warming drawer has, but there are many options available that allow you to slow cook.

Slow cooking in a warming drawer means that you free up your entire oven. So, you can cook a lunchtime meal, or prepare the rest of the dinner in there.

5. Proofing bread

Proofing bread in warming drawer

One of the best things about warming drawers is their versatility. When they aren’t on, they are simply a drawer that can be used to store kitchen equipment.

When they are on, they are ideal for many tasks, including proofing bread. In fact, most warming drawers have a bread setting on them that is designed for this purpose.

So, if you’re a baker, warming drawers are amazingly helpful. If you love making pizzas, warming drawers are also perfect for proofing pizza dough too.


Is it Worth Having a Warming Drawer?

Now that you know some of the many things warming drawers are ideal for, you may be wondering if you really need one.

If you’re constantly keeping things warm while other parts of the meal cook or you’re a baker who loves to make dough at any chance they get, a warming drawer would be a fantastic addition to your kitchen.

If you’re worried about the space that a warming drawer takes up, remember that they can be used as storage when they aren’t in use.

For certain home cooks and bakers, warming drawers are a fantastic addition to their kitchens. They are a very versatile piece of kitchen equipment.

All you need to ask yourself is will you take advantage of the warming drawer enough to warrant installing one? If you think you will, a warming drawer is perfect for you. See our roundup of the best warming drawers in the UK if you’ve decided you need one in your kitchen!

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