Best Oven Gloves (2024 UK)

Taking biscuits out of oven with gloves

While oven gloves may seem like a trivial thing to buy for your kitchen, having good quality oven gloves can really protect your hands.

If you’ve ever used a tea towel to remove something from an oven, you’ll know how careful you need to be. Each time you take something out of the oven, you run the risk of burning yourself, but oven gloves ultimate that almost altogether.

Today, we have the best oven gloves in the UK just for you. We have lots of styles of oven gloves to choose from, and we even have a guide to choosing oven gloves as well.


The Best Oven Gloves in the UK

1. MasterClass Double Oven Glove

MasterClass Oven Gloves, Heat Resistant, Silicone and Cotton, Double Sided, Black/Red

Materials: Cotton, silicone

These MasterClass oven gloves have use silicone to protect your hands really nicely when they reach into the oven.

The silicone goes up to your wrist and keeps everything protected from the heat. However, the silicone also has lots of grip, allowing you to hold baking trays and dishes comfortably and stay in control.

These oven gloves have the classic loop of fabric holding the gloves together, so there are plenty of ways to hang these gloves when you aren’t using them.

Plus, they are machine washable and cotton throughout. So, they are comfortable to wear and easy to clean, all while being some of the safety oven gloves on the market.


2. ELCM Oven Gloves

Oven Gloves Heat Resistant Silicone Shell Kitchen for 500 Degrees, Set of 2 Oven Mitts with cotton lining for BBQ Cooking set Baking Grilling Black

Materials: Silicone, cotton, polyester

We’re back with some silicone oven gloves again, but this time you get two gloves without the piece of fabric in the middle.

My partner and I have recently been trying out different pairs of oven gloves. We had a set of the fabric mitten ones for a while but have been trying single gloves out, and we love them.

You can pop one on to remove something from the oven and not have a large piece of fabric flapping around getting in the way.

These gloves are cotton lined but have silicone, non-slip grip hands. So, they are really comfortable inside, but thanks to the silicone, you get a lot of control and can barely feel any heat from what you pick up.

Finally, these gloves also have a lovely floral design, so they are great for just about any kitchen.


3. GEEKHOM Silicone Oven Gloves

GEEKHOM Silicone Oven Gloves Heat Resistant Silicone Oven Mitts BBQ Gloves Waterproof Kitchen Gloves, BBQ Accessories for Barbecue Grilling Weber Pizza Microwave, Non-Slip Oven Gloves with Fingers

Materials: Silicone, cotton

Why are oven gloves called gloves, but they are really mittens? If this question has bothered you, these oven gloves are the ones for you.

Ladies and gents, we give you actual oven gloves. These puppies are silicone gloves with thumb and fingers holes.

They are surprisingly grippy and fit to your hand really well. In fact, these oven gloves even come in different sizes to suit everyone.

Granted, these oven gloves aren’t as quick to put on as some, and if you and your partner share cooking tasks and have very different hand sizes, you may need to buy two pairs, but these gloves are really handy in more ways than one.

They are machine washable, and you can use them while grilling, barbecuing and in the kitchen and still have a lot of control while using utensils.


4. Abbey Professional Cotton Oven Gloves

Abbey 100% Cotton Professional Heavy Duty Double Sided Oven Gloves Heat Resistant – Jolly Molly Soft Commercial Thick Oven Gloves for Bakers, Chefs and Kitchen – Double Oven Mitts XL Size (91 x 17cm)

Materials: Cotton

If you’re after some very simple oven gloves with no designs and no silicone grips, then these professional oven gloves from Abbey could be right up your street.

These are 100% cotton, they have no design, but they are really practical and very well made.

They have a strong weave construction, so heat doesn’t penetrate into the gloves too quickly, and they have robust stitching, so they will last a long time too.

These oven gloves made our list because of how simple yet robust the design is. They are machine washable, really light and look really nice too. They offer a good grip on hot baking trays and keep their lovely, bright white colour for years.


5. Radiant Tech Oven Gloves

Oven Gloves Heat Resistant Double Sided Non Slip Silicone Oven Mitts for Grilling/Cooking/Baking/Barbecue - Silicone Oven Gloves 1 Pair, Black Christmas Oven Gloves

Materials: Silicone, cotton

These oven gloves have a really clever way of offering grip while still offering control. One big issue with silicone oven gloves is that they can be quite restricting when trying to pick up smaller items, but they do have a superior grip compared to normal cotton gloves.

Well, these get around the restrictions of silicone by having a weave pattern of silicone on the surface of the gloves. So, you still have the flexibility of cotton oven gloves, but also the grip of silicone too.

They are also double-layered, so none of the heat from the cookware you’re moving will pass through to your hands. This double layer is also breathable, so your hands won’t get hot and sweaty no matter how much of a storm you’re cooking up in the kitchen.


6. AH Artisan Home Heat Resistant Black Oven Gloves

Heat Resistant Black Oven Gloves | Double Oven Mitt Pot Holder With Silicone Non-slip Design For Home Kitchen Baking | Best Modern Stylish Cooking Oven Glove Mitts.

Materials: Silicone, cotton

Lastly, we have a brilliant pair of oven gloves that have the classic styling of oven mitts but use silicone where it matters.

So, the oven mitts are made of very comfortable cotton, but the hands of the gloves have a silicone pattern on the surface. This pattern has been designed to offer a lot of grip but still allows the gloves to be flexible.

Artisan Home makes some beautiful kitchen products inspired by vintage items, and these gloves are very much true to their style.

While they would look great hanging on an AGA, they offer a practical, real-world use around the kitchen. These gloves are heat resistant, washable, practical and stylish, oh and a fantastic price too.


How to Choose the Right Oven Gloves for You

Choosing a pair of oven gloves may sound really simple, right? You could simply go and buy whichever oven gloves you first see, and they will do just fine for you.

However, if you put a bit of thought into how you cook and what you’ll be using the gloves for mainly, you could actually buy some oven gloves that are going to protect you really well and look good hanging in your kitchen.

So, here’s a quick guide on buying oven gloves that are perfect for you.

Oven glove materials


Some people love having lots of grip on oven gloves and will always choose silicone oven gloves as a result.

My dad has silicone oven gloves and gets on with them really well. These oven gloves last a lot longer than cotton ones, and the grip never really fades from them either, unless you are using them for hours at a time.

Silicone also has excellent heat resistant properties, so your hands will be protected from the heat for a long time.

I’m sure we’ve all picked something up in old, worn-out oven gloves in the past and have needed to put it down very quickly; otherwise, dinner will be all over the floor.

Well, with silicone oven gloves, you may never experience that. These oven mitts last for a very long time, offer plenty of grip (usually for the life of the gloves), and can look very stylish too.

The only downside to silicone oven gloves is that they are not as flexible as cotton gloves, so picking up small items with these gloves can be tricky.

Holding cherry pie with oven gloves



Cotton oven gloves are great if you want flexibility. Lots of people feel that silicone oven gloves don’t provide enough feeling when handling things, and we understand that knowing you have a firm grip on something (especially something hot) is a big concern. So, cotton oven gloves may be the best route for you.

These oven gloves are nice and thick, so you’ll still have some good heat resistance, but they do wear out quicker than silicone gloves.

However, cotton oven gloves usually come in a lot of different styles, so you can choose the perfect gloves for your kitchen and the paint scheme.

Plus, as they don’t last as long, cotton oven gloves are usually cheaper than silicone ones.



Neoprene gloves offer a few advantages over other types. These gloves are known for their heat resistance, and provide a reliable protective barrier against high temperatures. Their water resistance also makes them versatile, as you can use them for tasks that involve liquids or steam.

One great thing about neoprene gloves is their flexibility and grip. They give you a secure grip on hot cookware, and the material is also flexible so you can move your fingers around easily.

One downside to neoprene gloves is that they can lack breathability compared to certain other materials, potentially resulting in a warmer feel during extended use.

Also, the thickness of neoprene gloves can mean they aren’t ideal for handling small items.

Neoprene gloves tend to be more flexible and form-fitting than silicone gloves. Compared to cotton gloves, neoprene has superior heat resistance but can be less breathable and a bit heavier.


Attached or separate?

Having used both separate oven gloves and attached oven gloves recently, I can certainly say that I prefer using single ones. I feel I have more control with single oven gloves, and I often only use one oven glove anyway.

If you’re a maverick like me and only use one oven glove, you’ll know that using attached oven mitts can be really unsafe as the other glove dangles down and gets in the way.

Of course, attached oven gloves still have their place in the kitchen and are great for certain tasks. Attached or detached oven gloves is really a personal thing. So, you could give both a try and see which you prefer.


Size and fit

Consider the size of your hands when choosing oven gloves. If your gloves are too small, they’ll feel constrictive and uncomfortable. On the other hand, if they’re too big, they’ll be challenging to control. Go for a snug yet not too tight fit if you can.

Most gloves on the market are available in a choice of sizes, so you should carefully choose which size is likely to be best for you. If you’re buying them in person rather than online, you can try them on and choose the gloves that fit snugly without being overly tight.

If you’re buying online, check any sizing charts or guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Measure your hands and see if they will fit. If you’re not sure, try to buy a product that you will be able to return if necessary.

Woman using oven gloves


Well, we hope you found the best oven gloves for your kitchen above. We loved the MasterClass oven gloves. The grip of the silicone is really unmatched by most oven gloves in the UK.

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