Best Oven Thermometers (2022 UK)

Oven thermometer

Cooking to exact precision is crucial for many types of foods, particularly meat and fish. This is when it pays to have a good oven thermometer at hand.

Thermometers allow you to cook to the very degree you desire, and prevent foods from being under or overcooked.

They’re the key component in making a meal perfectly cooked. They can also help save on energy.

So, without further ado, let’s look into the best oven thermometers in the UK.

Best Oven Thermometers in the UK

1. ThermoPro TP16 Digital Meat Thermometer

Product details:

  • Brand: ThermoPro
  • Power source: Battery-powered
  • Upper temperature rating: 300 Degrees Celsius
  • Item dimensions: L x W x H, 7.3 x 6.3 x 1.7 centimetres
  • Price range: Medium

This battery-powered food thermometer features a metal probe to insert into the food to test the internal temperature. This lets you to view the temperature inside as well as out, which is a useful tool, especially when cooking rare red meat.

It’s easy to store as it is magnetic, meaning you can stick it to a metal surface, or hang it on a hook.

It’s also a small, portable size, making it quick and easy to manoeuvre during cooking.

It comes with a programmable alert with pre-set temperatures, or gives you the freedom to manually add your own.

This item is designed for oven cooking and not microwaving. While the product is labelled as waterproof, it does specify that it will malfunction if moisture reaches the plug-in hole.

Reviews of the product are mixed. Some state that with this device, it is impossible to overcook or undercook food, and is very easy to use; with others claiming that the temperatures are unreliable.


2. KitchenCraft KCOVENTH Oven Thermometer

Product details:

  • Brand: KitchenCraft
  • Special feature: Digital
  • Colour: Silver
  • Power source: Battery-Powered
  • Upper temperature rating: 300 Degrees Celsius
  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 8 cm (2½ x 3 inches)
  • Price range: Low

Despite being digital, this KitchenCraft thermometer has a retro look and feel to it, and would look right at home in a 1950s advert, which may be ideal for those with a vintage-style kitchen design.

It’s low-cost and lightweight, and fits into your oven next to your cooking nicely. As with the ThermoPro TP16 Digital Meat Thermometer, this item is not designed to be used for microwave cooking.

The manufacturer boasts that this thermometer is ideal for cooking more tricky dishes that are known to fall flat if not cooked to the right temperature, such as souffles.

The reviews of this product are also rather mixed, with many saying it provides unreliable temperature readings and is sharp around the edges, and that the overall product isn’t very robust.

However, there are many users who have no issues with the product and sing its praises.


3. Salter Kitchen Oven Thermometer

Product details:

  • Brand: Salter
  • Colour: Silver
  • Upper temperature rating: 300 Degrees Celsius
  • Style: Oven Thermometer
  • Item dimensions: L x W x H: 25 x 62 x 85 millimetres
  • Price Range: Low-Med

This stainless-steel Salter thermometer is simple, easy to use, and boasts an “old-school” feel about it. It can be a great option for older generations, or those with an aversion to the digital era.

It can sit or hang snuggly inside your oven, and comes with an adjustable viewing angle option.

Reviews of this product are largely favourable, with the exception of a few complaints of the product falling over when in use, and a build-up of condensation on the inside of the product’s glass.


4. Chef Aid Oven Thermometer

Product details:

  • Brand: Chef Aid
  • Special feature: Analogue
  • Reusability: Rechargeable
  • Power source: Solar Powered
  • Specification met: FDA
  • Upper temperature rating: 240 degrees Celsius
  • Dimension: ‎12 x 15.2 x 3.4 cm
  • Price range: Low

This stainless-steel solar-powered thermometer provides temperatures in centigrade or Fahrenheit, and is colour-coded, making it easier to see where the temperature is while in use.

It can hang or stand in the oven, and because it is solar-powered, it doesn’t rely on batteries and won’t go dead midway through cooking, which can be the case with battery-powered oven thermometers.

There are many contrasting reviews, with many users praising it but others describing it as ‘useless’ and inaccurate.


5. CDN Proaccurate High Heat Oven Thermometer

Product details:

  • Brand: CDN
  • Special feature: Analogue
  • Colour: Silver
  • Upper temperature rating: 750 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Item dimensions L x W x H: 7.6 x 6.4 x 3.8 centimetres
  • Price range: Mid-High.

This thermometer is a little higher in the price bracket than the Chef Aid, KitchenAid, and Salter options, but the reviews are largely favourable, meaning you’re likely to get your money’s worth.

One user recommends avoiding using this product in a woodfired oven. Another user states that the product’s lifespan is two years before it will “explode”. A regular grumble is that the font is difficult to read when in use. The overall user opinion, however, is the product does the job properly.


How to Choose the Right Oven Thermometer

As with many cooking tools, a lot of “picking the right one” often comes down to the user’s personal preferences and how skilled they are at cooking.

Those who are confident and curious in the kitchen can benefit from more advanced, industry-approved technology; whereas those who cook rather basic meals are more likely to choose a product that is simple and serves its purpose.

There are pros and cons to all the thermometers mentioned above, as well as the others on the market.

Many thermometers are battery-powered, which can mean additional costs and the threat of the battery dying mid-cooking.

Many digital thermometers provide more autonomy with cooking, but can be a bit more complicated to understand.

It’s important when buying your oven thermometer that it can be set to a temperature measure that is understandable to you, so as not to confuse Fahrenheit with Celsius, and so on.

If you rely on microwave cooking frequently, an oven thermometer won’t help you here. You will, however, be able to use a probe to measure the internal heat of your cooked food, if you own a thermometer that comes with a probe pin.

Temperature thermometers were designed for cooking meats and fish (where precise temperate is important), and other dishes that need to be monitored in terms of their heat (such as cakes), so it can be a handy tool for those who cook from scratch or make a lot of meat-based meals.

Light oven foods, such as chips, do not require a thermometer.


Oven Thermometers FAQs

Can you use thermometers in the oven?

Oven thermometers are designed to go in the oven. They are made from materials designed to withstand prolonged and excessive heat.

It is important not to use a generic thermometer (such as a garden or medical thermometer) inside your oven as it will likely melt, explode, or catch fire.

How do I Know if my oven thermometer is accurate?

The most common method to test the accuracy of your thermometer is to place a probe directly in the centre of your oven’s rack and preheat it to a specific heat.

Set the oven to a particular temperature and let it preheat for 20 minutes. Then take note of the temperature on the thermometer and compare it to the temperature you have set on your oven. However, bear in mind that oven temperatures themselves can be inaccurate.



Oven thermometers are a useful addition to most kitchens, particularly professional ones, and can help you monitor the heat process of your cooking right down to the degree to prevent under or overcooking.

This is especially important when cooking high-risk foods, such as white meat and fish, but can be the key component in creating a deliciously moist cake, as opposed to a dry one that sticks to the roof of your mouth!

If you’re still wondering which oven thermometer to go for, and you would like our professional advice here at Chef’s Pick, we have to say we particularly love the ThermoPro TP16 Digital Meat Thermometer. It comes with a probe, which allows you full control over the internal and the external temperatures of the food.