Can You Reheat a Fish Pie?

Fish pie

Fish pie is a family favourite, and it makes a great family-friendly main meal.

Sometimes, however, we may find ourselves with leftover portions and so it is helpful to know if and how it can be safely reheated and used for another meal.

Traditionally fish pie contains a mix of fish types such as cod, salmon and haddock. These are added to a creamy parsley sauce and then topped with mashed potato and baked in the oven to give a crispy top to it.

Other variations include adding prawns or mussels in with the other seafood or adding vegetables such as peas or sweetcorn within the pie too. A fish pie can also be sprinkled with cheese before baking.

Can You Reheat a Frozen Fish Pie?

Fish pie can be made and cooked in advance and then frozen, or leftover portions can be frozen individually. These can easily be reheated safely.

Frozen fish pies are a little harder to reheat and it will take longer for them to reheat all the way through, but this can be done.

Smaller portions can be reheated more quickly and easily than whole frozen fish pies.

In an oven a frozen fish pie may take 40 minutes to be reheated all the way through whereas a portion of frozen fish pie might take half this time.

A microwave can also be used for reheating frozen fish pie. Again, a whole pie will take longer than individual pieces to reheat.


Can You Reheat a Fish Pie with Prawns?

Prawns are a little riskier when it comes to reheating, but with a bit of care and consideration a fish pie with prawns in can be reheated.

One of the key points to remember is that the fish pie needs to have been properly stored and cooled after it was cooked.

If a fish pie containing prawn has been stored and cooled within two hours of cooking, then it is safe to reheat in whichever way you choose.

Individual fish pie

Can a Fish Pie Be Reheated Twice?

It is not recommended to reheat dishes containing prawns more than once as they carry a greater risk of producing bacteria that can cause food poisoning or stomach upsets.

If you store leftover fish pie in individual portions, then you can negate the need to reheat it twice.

Fish pie that doesn’t contain prawns or mussels is safe to be reheated more than once.

There is no limit to how many times a fish pie can be reheated, but it would be wise to only reheat it a couple of times and ensure that each time it is cooked through until it is piping hot.


What Are the Best Methods of Reheating a Fish Pie?

There are two main methods for reheating a fish pie which are safe, convenient and keep the fish pie tasting good.

Microwave reheating

A microwave is a quick and convenient way to reheat fish pie. If your fish pie is frozen, you can use the microwave on a defrost setting or on 30% power initially and then heat it further on full power. Ensure the whole dish is piping hot throughout.

Oven reheating

Using the oven to reheat a fish pie allows the topping of the pie to crisp up again and gives a result most like the original dish. Ensure that you check the fish pie while reheating it to ensure it is hot throughout.


Can Fish Pie Be Eaten Cold?

You may think of fish pie as a hot dish but if it has been cooled and stored correctly then fish pie can be eaten cold.

It is quick and easy to reheat a fish pie though, so unless you’ve a particular desire to try cold fish pie, reheating it is probably the tastiest way to go.