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Pasta in colander

How to Cool Pasta Quickly

Patsa is a versatile cooking ingredient and a staple in many households. With the wide variety of shapes, sauces, and toppings available, there is sure to be a pasta dish that suits everyone’s taste. And in most instances, pasta is enjoyed hot. However, there are still cases when it needs to be cooled properly after …

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Green rhubarb stalks

Can You Eat Green Rhubarb?

Despite its sour taste, rhubarb is still well-loved by many in the UK. In the spring and summer, it’s typically enjoyed in crumbles, jams, pies, and various other sweet treats. Although rhubarb is generally known for being red or pink, people who grow it at home often find the stalks coming out green. You might …

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Frying steak

What Is “Frying Steak”?

When picturing steak, most people think about the thick cuts of high-quality beef you find in restaurants. However, this is often seen as a luxury meal rather than one you’d eat everyday. Such prime cuts of meat are typically expensive to buy and hard to cook to perfection (and probably best left to the experts). …

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