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How to Sweeten a Curry

Mild, creamy, spicy, sour… there are many different flavour profiles that can be included in a curry recipe. Alongside the level of heat, the sweetness of a curry is one of the most distinguishing factors. There are some curries which are naturally sweet due to the ingredients that are included. But what can you do …

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Do You Peel Chorizo?

Some chorizos need to be peeled while others can be peeled depending on personal preference. The paper-like wrapper that coats many chorizos is either a natural animal casing or a synthetic wrapper, formed from cellulose, plastic or other materials.   What Is Natural Casing on Chorizo Made Of? Traditionally, the casing or wrapper that surrounds …

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cooked liver meat

Can You Reheat Liver?

Liver is one of those meats that divide people – its strong taste, rubbery texture, and potent aroma isn’t for everyone. But if you’ve got some leftover liver and you’re wondering whether it’s safe to reheat it, Let’s find out…   Reheating Liver – Yes or No? The good news is, yes, it’s absolutely fine …

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