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What Is a Top Oven Used For?

If you’re weighing up whether a top oven is essential in your home, then you’ve come to the right place. Do top ovens really add much to your cooking abilities? Will you ever actually use a top oven? Is it worth getting a double oven just for some cheese on toast once a while? Well, …

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Best Single Ovens (2020 UK)

In your quest for a new oven, you may have come across single ovens. A single oven can provide a lot of cooking power and be a fantastic asset in a home. But what are they? Can they replace a double oven and can they fit in the space of your old oven? Well, let’s …

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Kitchen with oven, work surface, cabinet and drawers.

Best Warming Drawers (2020 UK)

Warming drawers have been around for many years in professional kitchens. They allow chefs to keep food warm until it is ready to serve. However, they can also help the home cook in the same way. If you have ever cooked a roast for a lot of people, then you’ll know the struggle and stress …

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