Gas Hob Ignition Not Sparking – Causes and Solutions

Gas Hob

If your gas hob’s ignition has stopped sparking, there might be a simple solution to fix it. We know that a gas hob’s ignition is vital to any cooking task, and it can be very stressful if the ignition stops working. So, here are a few common causes and solutions to why a gas hob’s ignition may have stopped functioning.


Cause 1 – Build-Up of Food

Dirty gas hob

Whether it is food crumbs or grease build-up, a very common cause of ignition problems on gas hobs is the ignition being blocked by something.


Remove the grate that covers the burner and the burner cap. You now have access to the burner base. This may lift off easily, or you may need to remove a couple of screws before removing it.

Once you have removed it, clean the surrounding area with warm, soapy water on a cloth. Soak the sealed burner unit in vinegar or water and then use a stiff brush to get rid of any debris.

Clean as much of the debris out as you can from the entire burner unit, you can use a toothpick to get into the smaller holes. Reinstall the burner, the burner cap and the grate and try igniting it again.


Cause 2 – Loose Connection

There aren’t many moving parts to a gas hob. Still, a wire can become loose when installing or cleaning your hob.

If the wires connecting the igniter and control module don’t have a solid connection, you won’t get a good enough spark to ignite the burner. Or you may get intermittent sparks.


First, turn off the power to the gas hob by unplugging it or flicking the breaker switch. Then remove the grate, burner cap and the sealed burner base from the faulty burner ring.

Take a look at the wires and secure any loose connections. Rebuild the burner, turn on the power and give it a test.


Cause 3 – Faulty Igniter

Turning on gas hob

If you have checked the burner for faulty connections and removed any debris, but the burner still isn’t igniting, it may have a faulty igniter.

A quick way to check if an igniter is faulty is by turning the lights off in the kitchen and testing it. If the igniter’s spark is a yellowy, orange colour rather than bright white/blue, it is likely faulty.


Cut off the gas and the power to the hob. Remove the grate and burner cap once again. Then remove the burner base using a screwdriver or hex driver.

Disconnect the wires as well. Most gas hobs use quick-connect wiring so there is no need to splice or cut the wires. Then, using the model number of your hob, find the suitable replacement igniter for your hob. Install the new igniter and put the hob ring back together. Give it a test.

If none of these quick fixes solves your igniter issues, you may need to replace the igniter control module or igniter switch. However, you should seek advice from a Gas Safe registered engineer and consider getting them in to diagnose your gas hob and get it functioning again.

We hope this look at common issues with gas hob igniters has been helpful. For more information about gas hobs and all of the best cookware for these hobs, please explore our website further.