What Is the Largest Skillet You Can Buy?

Frying shrimp in skillet

Skillets are a fantastic tool. For searing and frying meats, fish and veg, there is nothing better than a well-seasoned skillet.

However, a lot of people know skillets to be fairly small and quite restricting when it comes to searing a lot of meat at once.

So, what is the largest skillet you can buy? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

We will also discuss when these skillets should be used and who could benefit from using a larger skillet, and some of our favourites as well.

The Largest Skillet Size

The largest readily available skillet is 38 cm (15 inches), although most manufacturers only make skillets up to 30 cm (12 inches).

We have examples of both of these skillets below, but first, we need to find out when to use a large skillet. A large skillet is extremely handy, but in some cases, it isn’t the best option; let me explain.


When Is a Large Skillet Useful?

A large skillet is really handy if you want to cook a lot of food at once. For example, if your whole family love steak, you can sear a couple of steaks at once in a larger skillet and cut down on the time you spend in the kitchen.

So, for searing or frying a lot of veg, meat or fish, a larger skillet is fantastic. However, most skillets can also be used in the oven as a baking tray or roasting tin.

A large skillet is large enough to roast a chicken in, so its applications in cooking are pretty much endless.

A large skillet can be used as a frying pan and a roasting tin, making it ideal for chefs who want to save space in their kitchen cupboards. And these pans are extremely well made (at least, the ones on our list below are), so you get a brilliant quality pan and baking tray for one very reasonable price.

Large skillets do have their limitations, though. For example, if you have an induction hob, a larger skillet may not work on the stovetop. This is because if the bottom of the pan extends over the hob ring, it won’t complete the circuit and turn on the ring.

So, unless you have a hob ring on your induction hob that is as large as the base of the skillet, you won’t be able to use the pan on your induction hob.

They are also very heavy! Skillets are made from thick, cast metal, meaning that they are hefty at the best times. However, when you have to pick up 12-15 inches of cast metal, you certainly know about it.

So now you know the uses of a large skillet and the pans limitations, you may be wondering what the best large skillet to use is. Well, here are our favourite large skillets in the UK right now.


Our Favourite Large Skillets

1. Crucible Cookware’s 15-inch Cast Iron Skillet

This is the largest skillet that we could find during our research. It is 15 inches, made from solid cast iron and has some wonderful features that allow it to be used for way more than frying some steaks.

Firstly, this cast iron skillet comes with a glass lid, which is quite rare for a skillet. This allows it to be used for sauteing, searing, baking, broiling and more.

It also comes with removable silicone handles for when you use the skillet in the oven for roasting tasks.

This skillet also comes pre-seasoned and has great instructions for keeping that seasoning in top shape.

Overall, this is a fantastically well-made skillet that is excellent for anyone who wants the biggest skillet they can find.

If you like the look of this skillet but feel it’s a bit too big, Crucible also makes 8-, 10- and 12-inch skillets too.


2. Pinnacle Cookware’s 12-inch Cast Iron Frying Pan/Skillet

This cast-iron skillet comes in at 30 cm, making it perfect for frying a couple of steaks, cooking an entire English breakfast in and much more.

This one also comes pre-seasoned and has silicone handles for easy transfer to the oven. It also comes with a silicone pan scraper to make cleaning your skillet very simple while protecting the seasoning.

It also has two handles and two pouring spouts for easy transfer of food on to your plate. This is a very solid pan (it weighs 3.7kg) and will perform well for you for decades if you look after it.

Pinnacle has taken a lot of care to make this skillet, and it really shows with the fantastic heat retention and build quality.


3. Natural Cookware’s 12-inch Cast Iron Skillet

This skillet is a wonderful example of the simplicity and beauty of a skillet. It is a pan that has been used for hundreds of years, and the traditional styling and functionality has not been lost here.

It looks amazing but works perfectly too. You can see that this skillet is made to a very high standard, and that shows during the cooking process.

When you use this skillet, you can enjoy excellent heat retention while having plenty of space to sear meats, roast beef joints and a great deal more.

What is even better, though, is the price. This cast-iron skillet is beautifully made and will last decades, but it is an incredibly reasonable price.


We hope this look at skillets and the largest available has helped you. We love a good skillet at Chef’s Pick.

They are one of the handiest tools in the kitchen. To find out more about skillets (perhaps how to season them and look after the seasoning), please explore our website further

We have everything a skillet owner needs to make the most out of their cast iron skillet and a great deal more too.