Pressure King Pro – What Is it and Should You Buy One?

Pressure cookers are a thing of beauty. In recent years, pressure cookers have been reinvented.

Counter space is valuable real estate in our kitchens. Because of this, pressure cookers now need to bring more to the kitchen than ever before.

Thankfully, pressure cookers like the Pressure King Pro are proving that pressure cookers can be so much more. They can provide so much cooking power that you’ll wonder how you ever cooked before without them.

At least, that is what the Pressure King Pro claims. However, can this pressure cooker back it up and should you own this pressure cooker when there are other, similarly priced, pressure cookers on the market?

Well, that’s the cooking question we’re going to answer today. So, what is the Pressure King Pro? Let’s find out.


What Is the Pressure King Pro?

The Pressure King Pro is way more than just a pressure cooker. It is a 12 in 1 multi cooker.

You can use it to pressure cook, of course, but you can also cook rice, make soup, slow cook, steam, air fry and more too.

The Pressure King Pro comes in three sizes. You can get a 3-litre, 5-litre or 6-litre version of the Pressure King Pro.

The 3-litre model is perfect for couples, the 5-litre is great for 4-6 servings, and the 6-litre model is great for large families or batch cooking.

This pressure cooker cooks fast. It’s about 90% quicker than other cooking methods, but also has a slow cook setting if you want to cook a meal throughout the day. Plus, it has a fast reheat function, and 12 other pre-sets to make any cooking task nice and simple.

The Pressure King Pro can also be manually set too, though, so there is plenty of opportunities to experiment with cooking methods with this pressure cooker too.

As the Pressure King Pro has proved, it is way more than a pressure cooker, but the pressure cooker function on this machine is excellent all by itself. It locks in nutrients and flavours and can make juicy, fall-off-the-bone meat in minutes rather than hours.

So, the Pressure King Pro is a fantastic pressure cooker and does a whole load more on top of pressure cooking too, but should you own it?


Should You Buy a Pressure King Pro?

Something that we love about the Pressure King Pro is how versatile it is. Pressure cookers take up a lot of counter space, as I mentioned above.

So, the fact that the Pressure King Pro can provide 12 cooking functions at the touch of a button is awesome. Plus, these are cooking functions that you’ll use all the time too.

You can use this pressure cooker to slow cook, steam, cook rice, fish, meat, cook stew, pasta and veg. You can really use this pressure cooker with every meal you make.

Whether you are making a one-pot wonder, or just want to steam some veg as a side dish, you can use the Pressure King Pro.

Another fantastic feature of the Pressure King Pro is the price. If you were to buy a slow cooker, a pressure cooker, a steamer, air fryer and soup maker, it would add up to well over a few hundred pounds! This pressure cooker that can provide all of these cooking functions and more is way cheaper than that!



If you’re interested in a pressure cooker, but want a model that can do much more than pressure cook, you’ve found it.

The Pressure King Pro is an excellent tool to have in your kitchen. Whether you want to cook a meal quickly, have the juiciest meats in the world or a tasty stew on a cold winter’s night, the Pressure King Pro will be your best friend.

Check it out on Amazon or Curry’s.

We hope this article about the Pressure King Pro has helped you decide whether or not this pressure cooker is for you or not.

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