Are Soup Makers Worth It?

Soup maker and chopped ingredients

Do you love soup? If so, a soup maker might make perfect sense for your kitchen.

You can create some extremely tasty soup in a soup maker. If you’ve ever had homemade soup, you’ll know just how tasty it is.

While you don’t need a soup maker to experiment with your soup recipes, it can significantly help.

But are soup makers worth it? Or will this be another kitchen appliance that is used for a few weeks and then left to gather dust in the cupboard?

Well, here’s our take on soup makers.

Advantages of Soup Makers

You can make soup quickly and easily

Most soup makers can blend and cook soup quicker than any other method. For example, the Morphy Richards Compact Soup Maker can make soup in just 19 minutes, and it will be piping hot, ready to enjoy.

It takes all of the cooking hassles out of soup-making and allows you to focus on the recipe.

So, if you love making soup, then a soup maker is, of course, a perfectly designed appliance for the job.

You can batch out soup recipes really quickly, so if you take soup to work for lunch, a soup maker is ideal.

You could even make the soup in the morning as it will only take about 30 minutes, including prep time!


Most soup makers have extra function

While making soup is awesome, having one very specific tool for the job doesn’t make too much sense. Especially when you can make soup in a saucepan. Well, soup maker manufacturers have thought of this. 

Most soup makers have loads of different settings to make them extremely versatile. Many soup makers, like the Ninja HB150UK, can be used as a blender too. So, you can heat up what you’re blending and turn it into soup or a lovely sauce. Or you can keep it cold and make a smoothie, desserts or frozen drinks.

Plus, many soup makers also allow you to change the consistency of what you are blending. So, you can have chunky or smooth soup, but also lovely pesto and perfectly smooth pate, for example. With this built-in versatility, it really opens up soup makers to a lot of different cooking tasks.


Are Soup Makers Worth It?

If you are worried that you won’t use a soup maker as often as you think and feel that a blender may be a better option for you, you may be right.

 However, many soup makers can be used as blenders too, so you can use them hot and cold making them extremely versatile.

Whether you do a lot of blending and make a lovely homemade soup every now and then, or you make a lot of soup and need a blender occasionally, a soup maker is a brilliant tool to keep in your kitchen cupboards.

You’ll use it much more frequently than you may think, particularly if you choose a soup maker with lots of settings.

We hope this look at soup makers has helped you decide whether they are worth it. We think this kitchen appliance can add a lot to your kitchen, and if you do lots of blending or soup making, adding one to yours can make loads of cooking tasks much easier.

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