Is Broiling the Same as Grilling in the UK?

Grill in oven

There are so many recipes on the internet that it’s not surprising that some of them contain terms that we are unsure of the meaning of.

US recipes often use different terms to the UK for cooking methods. Broiling is one of these terms that is not seen in UK recipes.

What Is Broiling?

The term ‘broil’ simply means “extremely hot” or “to scorch”.

In cooking terms, it is used in US recipes to refer to food that is heated from above. That is, the heating element used to cook the food is above it rather than surrounding it as in a conventional oven.

In the UK, for this method of cooking we use a grill. The UK grill is often situated in the top of an oven rather than as a separate appliance. Some microwaves also have a grill option.

So yes, grilling is the UK equivalent of grilling. In America, grilling refers to heating from below, such as on a barbecue. But in the UK, grilling refers to heating from above, so it is the same as broiling.


What Can Be Broiled or Grilled?

As broiling or grilling only heats from above, it is only suited for thinner foods which can cook all the way through using this method.

Broiling or grilling is quite a quick way of cooking and so if the food is too thick you may find the top burns and the bottom doesn’t cook through.

Foods that suit broiling or grilling include the following:

  • Thin cuts of meat (less than 4 cm thick)
  • Seafood and fillets of fish such as salmon or swordfish
  • Vegetables such as asparagus, peppers, and onions
  • Fruits such as sliced bananas or pineapple slices


How Do You Broil Using a Ninja Foodi?

The Ninja Foodi multi cooker, as well as other air fryer based multi cookers, have a setting for broiling or grilling your food. This usually involves the use of a rack within the air fryer.

Using an air fryer to broil or grill your steak or vegetables is an even quicker method than if you were to do it using the traditional method.


Broiling, Grilling or Roasting – Which Method to Use?

It can be difficult to decide which method of cooking is best for your ingredients. Roasting is a more traditional method using a standard oven in which the heat surrounds the food item and cooks it evenly all the way around.

Roasting is a good choice when your food item is thicker and needs a longer cooking time to ensure it is cooked all the way through. If you are looking for something needing a crispier top that is thin enough to be cooked quickly then grilling or broiling provides a good alternative.

Grills require very little pre-heating which also makes them a more energy efficient method as roasting food requires the oven to be on for longer.


Is a Barbeque Different to a Broiler?

Burger on barbecue

The main difference between barbequing food and broiling it is the position of the heat source.

Barbeques have a heat source only below the food rather than only above it. The terms can sometimes be used interchangeably as the overall taste and finish of the food is similar either way.

In US recipes, barbequing is sometimes referred to as broiling.