Can a Plumber Fit a Gas Cooker?

Plumber in kitchen

If you’re thinking about getting a new gas cooker, you may be wondering what your options are when it comes to fitting your new gas cooker.

Many people are not too sure about the regulations of fitting a gas cooker, and that is what we’re going to discuss today. Let’s find out if a plumber can fit a gas cooker, shall we?


Can a Plumber Install a Gas Cooker?

The short answer is, unfortunately, no. You need a Gas Safe engineer to install all modern gas cookers. This is the law in the UK.

While some of these gas engineers are also plumbers, that doesn’t mean that any old plumber can fit a gas cooker.

Suppose you already work with a local plumber. In that case, you must check with them that they are legally allowed to install a cooker before them installing it.

If you try to install your gas cooker yourself or get an unregistered person to do it for you, not only will you be breaking the law, you’ll be putting your family’s life at risk. And you will likely void your home insurance as well.

So, gas cookers must be installed by a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer and there plenty of ways you can find these Gas Safe registered engineers.

Let’s take a quick look at where to go if you are looking for an engineer that is legally allowed to install your gas cooker.


Finding a Gas Safe Engineer in Your Area

There’s many websites out there where you can find reputable, competent gas engineers that can fit your gas cooker safely.

You can check the register on the Health and Safety Executive’s website

Alternatively, you can use a commerical directory website like Trust A Trader or Checkatrade. Both websites check a company’s or individual’s credentials when they sign up.

So using a Gas Safe engineer from one of these sites means your gas cooker will be installed correctly, legally and safely.

Installing a gas cooker

How Much Does the Installation of a Gas Cooker Cost?

Installation of a gas cooker can vary in cost. However, if you’re buying a new gas cooker from a reputable company or manufacturer, the installation of that gas cooker will be around £100 to £200.

This depends on the price of the cooker, whether or not the gas cooker is a dual fuel or single fuel and some other variables like if the company is also removing your old cooker.

We hope this look at whether a plumber can install a gas cooker or not has been helpful.

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