Are All Gas Cooker Hoses the Same?

Gas cooker with 5 burner hobs

If you’ve just bought a new gas cooker and it didn’t come with a gas hose, you may be wondering which gas hose you should buy.

Or perhaps you’ve checked your cookers gas hose, and there are signs of wear and tear, so it needs replacing.

So, are all gas cooker hoses the same? That’s what this gas cooker article is going to cover today.

Let’s see whether all gas cooker hoses are the same, and if not, which gas cooker hose is suitable for your gas cooker.

As you may know already, a gas hose is a tube that connects at the back of your cooker. However, there are a few types of gas hose, and you need to choose the right one for your gas cooker to ensure that it is safe.

Without the correct hose for your gas cooker, it is extremely dangerous to operate the cooker.

A gas hose for an LPG cooker is not compatible with a gas hose for a natural gas cooker and vice versa. LPG gas can escape from a natural gas hose. So, you must get the correct hose for your cooker.


Different Types of Gas Cooker Hose

Types of gas hose

There are five types of gas cooker hoses:

  1. Standard hose for natural gas
  2. Standard hose for LPG
  3. Microline hose for natural gas
  4. Microline hose for LPG
  5. Catering hose

You may think that choosing the right gas hose for your cooker from these 5 types is tricky. However, you should be able to find the right type of hose by simply googling the model of your cooker.

Another important thing to consider with a gas cooker hose is the bayonet mount. Some cookers have a straight bayonet mount while others have an angled bayonet mount.

Most gas cooker hoses can be chosen with the straight bayonet or angled bayonet mount. To find out which mount your gas cooker needs, take a look at the current hose.

If your cooker doesn’t currently have a hose, it is best to look in the manufacturer’s guidelines. These are found in the booklet that you received with your cooker or on the cooker manufacturer’s website.


Do New Gas Cookers Come With a Hose?

Most new gas cookers do come supplied with the correct gas hose for that cooker to safely function.

However, if you have purchased a second-hand gas cooker, you may find that the gas pipe isn’t supplied. You may also find that the manufacturer hasn’t supplied the gas hose.

If you have bought a new gas cooker and it hasn’t been supplied with a gas hose your easiest option is to contact the manufacturer and ask for the correct gas hose for your cooker.

Alternatively, you can let the Gas Safe registered engineer installing your cooker know that you don’t have the hose. They will supply it if you tell them the model of the cooker.

Connecting gas hose to hob

Should I Replace My Gas Cooker Hose?

If you have an LPG gas cooker, it’s considered good practice to replace the gas hose every 5 years.

This is regardless of if you noticed any wear and tear. Even if there is no wear and tear on the outside of the gas hose, there may be internal damage.

Just moved into a house with a cooker that runs on LPG and you are unsure of when the gas hose was replaced? It is best to replace it.

Gas hoses for cookers are not that expensive, but you will need a qualified gas engineer to install it. We’d also recommend replacing the gas hose on a natural gas cooker every five years too.

We hope this look at gas cooker hoses has helped you with your hose. For more information about gas cookers, cookware and more, please explore Chef’s Pick further. We have all the cooker and cookware articles you need to create stunning meals in a perfectly working oven.