Can You Put Stainless Steel on the Stove?

Stainless steel pans in kitchen

Stainless steel has been a staple in our kitchens and our cookware for decades now. However, if you’re thinking about investing in stainless steel cookware, you may have some questions. Like, for example, whether stainless steel can be used on the stove.

Below, we’re looking at just that. Can stainless steel be used on the stove, and are there any hob types that stainless steel is not suitable for?


Can Stainless Steel Go on the Stove?

Stainless steel cookware is suitable for most hob types available in the UK. In fact, it is one of the best metals to use on most hob types. This is because stainless steel heats very evenly and stays warm throughout the cooking process, thanks to having excellent heat retention.

Some stainless-steel pans, though, are not suitable for certain hob types. Let’s take a look at stainless steel and what to look for depending on the hob you have, shall we?


Stainless steel pan on gas hob

Stainless steel responds very well when used on a gas stove. It heats up nice and evenly and has excellent heat retention when used over an open flame.

Because of the grain structure of stainless steel, you don’t get hot and cold spots on the bottom of the pan when using them on a gas hob.

Instead, the heat is spread evenly across the bottom of the pan, and it holds it in nicely. Stainless steel and gas hobs go together perfectly and are a match made in cooking heaven for many chefs.


Stainless steel works very well on electric hobs too. Stainless does take some time to heat up on an electric hob, but this is typically because most stainless-steel cookware has a heavy, thick bottom to take advantage of the excellent heat retention.

If you aren’t used to using stainless cookware and have come from aluminium cookware, for example, this delay in heating may take some time to get used to. However, stick with it, and the stainless steel won’t fail you.


Stainless steel pan on induction hob

Now comes the hard part for stainless steel. Does it work on induction? This one is a bit complicated. You see, there are grades of stainless steel that are magnetic and so will work perfectly on an induction hob.

There is also stainless steel with magnetic metals sandwiched into the base so that they perform perfectly on induction hobs as well.

If you own an induction stove, finding stainless steel cookware that will perform well on your stove is fairly simple once you know what to look for.

Any stainless-steel cookware that can be used on induction stoves will have the induction symbol on the bottom of it. This is a square with a coil of wire in it. Find this symbol, and you can be sure that your stainless-steel cookware will work perfectly on your induction stove.



Not only can you put stainless steel on most hob types, but it is encouraged. Many chefs are huge fans of stainless steel because it offers a versatility that other cookware simply cannot compete with.

Stainless steel has some non-stick properties without any need of a coating. This means that stainless steel can be used at very high temperatures on the stove and go in the oven without destroying the non-stick properties. Stainless steel is also tougher than aluminium and copper. It will last decades and look beautiful even with everyday use.

So, yes, you can put stainless steel on the stove, and it is one of the best metals for the job. If you have an induction hob, finding stainless steel cookware for your stove can be a bit more challenging. Keep an eye out for the induction symbol when buying your cookware, and it will perform perfectly for decades.

We hope this look at stainless steel and whether it can be used on the stove has been helpful. Many chefs love using stainless steel at home because it is versatile, looks great and outperforms most other cookware.

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