How Long Does a Gas Oven Take to Preheat?

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Gas ovens are known for heating up much more quickly than their electric counterparts, but even gas ovens take a little time to preheat.

As frustrating as it can be to wait for the oven to get warm, any good cook knows never to skip the preheating stage. Throwing your food in a cold oven can lead to uneven cooking and ruined recipes!

But exactly how long does a gas oven take to preheat?

We answer all your preheating questions on this page, plus we share common preheating mistakes in the kitchen that could be slowing down the preheating process.

Do Long Does it Take a Gas Oven to Heat Up?

On average, you should only have to wait around 10 minutes for a gas oven to heat up.

However, this does depend on the final temperature you’re trying to achieve. The higher the temperature that your recipe calls for, the longer it will take for your oven to reach it.


How Long to Preheat an Oven to 180°C?

Countless recipes require you to preheat the oven to 180°C. Everything from roast chickens to freshly baked sponges require this temperature.

As one of the lower temperatures used, this seems to be the magic number for cooking. It is the minimum temperature you should preheat the oven to quickly while ensuring it is hot enough to cook the food thoroughly.

In terms of waiting time, turning your oven on 5 to 8 minutes before it’s needed should be plenty of time.


How Long to Preheat an Oven to 220°C?

Cooking at 220°C is perfect when making roasted veggies and typical oven-baked dishes.

Gas ovens can still reach this higher temperature pretty quickly, and your oven should be warm and ready within 10 minutes.

This is far quicker than the time taken for an electric oven to reach this temperature, which requires nearer to 15 or 20 minutes.

Temperature dial on oven

How Do You Know When a Gas Oven is Preheated?

If you turn your gas oven on and wait for around 10 minutes, it will usually be preheated and ready to use once the timer is up.

But it is still worthwhile looking for signs that prove your oven has reached the desired temperature.

Most modern ovens have an indicator light on their display which confirms that the oven has preheated.

If your appliance doesn’t have this, another option is to invest in an oven thermometer which will tell you precisely how warm it is inside the oven.

Make sure you purchase a specific oven thermometer so it can withstand extremely high temperatures.

The following audio cues can also indicate that the oven is warm and you can start cooking:

  • Oven fans generally turn on once the oven has reached its desired temperature
  • Sounds of the gas shutting off might be audible in older gas ovens
  • Modern ovens often beep during and after the preheating cycle


Why Is My Gas Oven Taking So Long to Preheat?

Gas ovens are known for heating up quickly, and if your oven is taking forever to reach its set temperature, you’re probably preheating it wrong.

Below are some common mistakes that people make when preheating their oven.

Check that you aren’t making any of these and correct the problem if you are:

  • Continuing to open the door to check the temperature
  • Leaving unused racks and baking trays inside the oven
  • Putting cold food in the oven before it has fully preheated
  • Not ensuring the oven is clean as debris can impact heating times

If you are still waiting for a long time for your gas oven to preheat, there might be a fault with the appliance. A broken ignitor will limit the amount of gas being released and slow down heating.

Equally, a faulty gas safety valve can have a similar effect. There is also the possibility that the thermostat is faulty and thinks the oven has reached the desired temperature sooner than it does in reality. This feeds back and cuts the gas supply, impairing proper heating.

Broken oven doors and seals can also cause the oven to not preheat. The broken seal allows hot air to escape and lets the cold air from your kitchen inside.

This is also a huge waste of energy! If you think your gas oven is faulty, you might want to consider hiring an engineer to fix the broken elements or purchasing a new oven for your kitchen.