Schott Ceran Hob Isn’t Turning On – Causes and Solutions

Schott Ceran Hob Isn't Turning On

A Schott Ceran ceramic hob is a popular cooking appliance found in many UK homes. However, like all appliances, they occasionally stop functioning correctly.

One of the biggest issues home cooks have is their hob not turning on at all. There is nothing worse than going to cook a delicious meal and finding your hob won’t heat up for you to cook on!

Thankfully, we look at the possible causes and solutions for this in this article.

You can get your Schott Ceran hob working again. Just try our troubleshooting advice and see if it fixes your problem. If not, you might have to speak to a professional.

How Do You Turn on a Schott Ceran Cooktop?

How Do You Turn on a Schott Ceran Cooktop

First thing’s first, you want to make sure you’re trying to turn on your Schott Ceran hob correctly.

There is a chance that nothing major is wrong with the electrical component of your hob, but rather a minor step that you’re missing.

Go through these steps to turn your hob on the right way:

  1. Check that the Schott Ceran hob is properly plugged into a power supply
  2. Clean the top of the hob using a cloth and spray and ensure it is completely dry when finished
  3. Ensure the hob is unlocked by holding the key button for 5 seconds until the red light goes off
  4. Press the on button lightly with clean fingers, being careful not to touch other buttons
  5. Tap on the hob ring that you want to turn on and adjust the heat using the + and – buttons

If you follow these steps your Schott Ceran hob should turn on without any issues.

More often than not, “broken” hobs are just caused by a loose connection to a power supply, fatty residue on the surface tampering with the touchscreen controls, or the appliance being stuck in locked mode.

Going through the above steps will solve all three of these issues. However, if this still doesn’t work, keep reading for other possible causes and solutions.

Why Won’t My Schott Ceran Hob Turn On?

If you have gone through the above process and your Schott Ceran hob still won’t turn on at all, there is probably something wrong with an electrical component in your appliance.

Below are the most common causes and solutions. Before you check for any of them, make sure you switch off your appliance at the mains to avoid safety risks!

Damaged terminal block

Damaged terminal block

A terminal block is a part inside your Schott Ceran hob that many cables and wires are secured to. The connection of the power through the hob comes directly via this block and is important for supplying electricity to the appliance.

However, if it hasn’t been installed correctly the terminal block can be damaged through heat. Check for signs of damage and replace the terminal block if required.

Loose cables

Schott Ceran Loose cables

There is also a chance that your Schott Ceran hob won’t turn on because the screws on the terminal block are not done up tightly enough.

When you’re looking at the terminal block for signs of damage, check all the cables are firmly connected.

If they aren’t, this could explain why your hob isn’t getting any power. Properly tighten them and see if your hob now turns on.

Defective power board

The power board of your Schott Ceran hob might be defective if the appliance won’t turn on at all. This is a central circuit board that manages all the functions of your hob, including its on and off functions.

Therefore, for hobs that won’t turn on, it might be this circuit board needs replacing. Unfortunately, hob power boards are expensive to replace and should be done as the last report by an electrician or professional engineer.