Are Burger Presses Worth It?

Are Burger Presses Worth It

Burgers are awesome; we know this. However, if you’ve ever tried to make a burger at home, you’ll know that recreating your favourite burger from your favourite restaurant is not easy.

Often homemade burgers are thicker than their restaurant counterparts, and this can cause the finished burger to be drier and not as mouth-watering as we’d all hoped they could be.

But what can be done about plumper burgers?

Well, some home chefs swear by using a burger press to construct their burgers, but are they really worth it? Today, we’re going to look at burger presses and find out whether they are worth it and whether your burgers could benefit from using one.

First, though, let’s find out what a burger press actually is, shall we?

What Is a Burger Press?

A burger press is a really simple kitchen tool.

First, you pop some of your delicious burger mixes into it. My partner makes a cracking burger with lean beef mince, some breadcrumbs and an array of spices that I have not been allowed to divulge on here! Sorry, but they are very tasty, so I would like to keep enjoying them.

What is a Burger Press

Next, you add the top of the press and press the meaty goodness down into a patty. That is pretty much it.

The burger press ensures that the patty is nice and solid, and thin. If you want a thicker patty, simply don’t press down as hard on the handle, or add more mix.

However, a thinner patty means less cooking time and more moisture in the burger. More moisture means more tastiness.

Are Burger Presses Worth It?

My partner has a burger press and uses it whenever we make burgers. Not only does it make each burger really easy to make, but it also makes them a uniform thickness and size, which makes cooking times really simple.

So, if you often cook burgers for a lot of people, that can be really handy. If you’re also cooking burgers on the BBQ, a burger press can be used to firm your patties up, which means they won’t crumble and fall onto the coals of the BBQ. Again, very handy.

So, burger presses can be really worth it.

Plus, a burger press really isn’t too large and doesn’t cost that much either. And most burger presses on the market offer way more than simply pressing some meat together.

Well, okay, burger presses say they are multifunctional but can only really be used to make burgers in different sizes. That’s fine by us, though.

Not every tool in your kitchen cupboards needs to be multifunctional, especially when it is fantastic at doing one job. Let’s have a look at some of our favourite burger presses, shall we?

Our Favourite Burger Presses

1. Burning Secret 3 in 1 Burger Press

This burger press is a 3-in-1 tool that makes constructing amazing burger patties really easy. Firstly, you have your standard burger press that can churn burgers out all day long. You then have a small press for sliders which is amazing for parties but also for kid’s burgers too.

Finally, if you are feeling fancy, there is another section on this patty press that allows you to make stuffed burgers. So, any burger you could ever want is possible with this burger press. It also comes with 200 wax paper discs to keep your burgers on as well.

There a lot to love about this burger press. The fact that it is non-stick and dishwasher safe and really easy to use are just some of the reasons this press made our list.


2. GWHOLE Non-Stick Burger Press

This burger press is made from sturdy, cast aluminium, so it’s perfect for those mammoth burger-making sessions.

It is also non-stick so removing the patties from the press is really nice and easy. Plus, this burger press is simple in function. Simply pop the meat into the bottom of the press, put the top on, press down, and you’re done.

The press has ridges in it to provide some sear marks on the finished burger, and it comes with wax paper to ensure none of the patties stick together while you’re preparing them.

This press is nice and simple, looks great, and makes making burgers really enjoyable. That’s all a burger press needs to do, in our opinion.


3. Kitchen Craft Quarter Pounder Burger Press

What makes a burger even better? Well, being a bigger burger, of course. We had to include this Kitchen Craft burger press on this list because this one is made for making quarter pounders.

They do also make burger presses for your standard burgers too. But sometimes, a standard burger just doesn’t get the taste buds going as much as you’d like.

So, if you’re a lover of a bigger burger, this is the press for you.

Once again, this burger press is super simple to use and makes making burgers a fun task for the whole family.

It is also dishwasher safe, and Kitchen Craft includes a tasty recipe for their amazing quarter pounder burger that is well worth giving a go.



Whether you love a cheeseburger or a burger topped with bacon, take your burger game to the next level and get a burger press.

It has certainly upped our burger game and has helped us experiment with new burger recipes, and made making loads of burgers for BBQs with friends really easy.

Want to know which other cooking tools are worth it? Check out the rest of Chef’s Pick. We have some amazing kitchen tools on here that are worth their weight in golden, gooey cheese goodness.

Now I need a burger; fetch the burger press!