Are Ceramic Frying Pans Any Good?

Ceramic pan on induction hob

We live in an age where non-stick frying pans are everywhere. Many of these non-stick frying pans use safe coatings that are not harmful to us at all. Most coatings nowadays are PFOA and PTFE free.

We can use these pans to fry up a storm in the kitchen, and they are brilliant for most frying and searing tasks. However, while non-stick coatings may be safer than they were, they are simply using different chemicals.

What about ceramic? Ceramic is natural, right? And everyone seems to love ceramic frying pans.

Are ceramic frying pans as good as some people claim? Well, that’s what this cookware article hopes to find out today.

First, though, let’s look at what a ceramic frying pan actually is, shall we?


What Is a Ceramic Frying Pan?

A ceramic frying pan is simply any metal frying pan that has a ceramic coating. The base frying pan can be made from stainless steel, steel, copper, aluminium or any other material used for making frying pans.

Most are made from aluminium. So, the pan is likely the same as the frying pans you are very used to using. It is just the coating that is a bit different.

The ceramic coating is totally natural, and it is used because it is naturally slick. Ceramic is used in loads of industries for this exact reason.

For example, ceramic is used in bearings for machinery because this cuts down on maintenance as ceramic lasts for ages and doesn’t need too much oil.

This is actually one of the reasons it is so good for frying pans too. As it is naturally slick, food cannot get into the surface and stick to it. So even if you use no oil at all, your food will glide off of the surface of the pan nice and easily.

Unlike many other non-stick coatings on the market, ceramic is totally natural as well. Ceramic is simply a fancy clay that has been used throughout human history for cookware and tableware.

If you have any ceramic bowls in your home, which all of us do. That same bowl could have easily been in a Roman’s home, for example, minus the little paper sticker with the price on, of course.

Ceramic actually comes from the Greek word keramos that roughly means pottery. That shows how long humans have been using ceramic (around 3,000 years).

Of course, in the modern day, we stopped using the natural non-stick properties of ceramic in our kitchens because coatings like Teflon seemed to be better.

We have now reverted back to natural non-stick coatings like ceramic because these chemically made ones are not so safe as we thought.

So, a ceramic frying pan is made from any type of metal that a typical frying pan is made from. It is the natural, non-stick coating that differs. But are these frying pans actually any good? Let’s look at that next, shall we?


Are Ceramic Frying Pans Good to Cook With?

Yes. The fact is that ceramic coated cookware has been used on open flames for longer than it has been used on stovetops and in ovens. A mere 2,900 years longer. If ceramic can cope with open flames, it should do very well in a modern kitchen.

Ceramic cookware is a joy to use in the kitchen. It makes searing and frying incredibly easy. It is nearly impossible to get food stuck on ceramic cookware.

So, if your children are moving out of home for the first time, for example, and they aren’t the most experienced cooks in the world, a ceramic frying pan is the perfect gift!

One of the best things about ceramic frying pans, though, is the price. Good quality ceramic pans start at a very responsible price, as we’ll find out below.

So, you can grab a good quality frying pan that is made using a natural non-stick coating for an absolute bargain.

If that wasn’t enough, most ceramic frying pans can also be used in the oven at respectable temperatures too.

This means that you can really experiment with what you are cooking and have loads of fun in the kitchen.

So, yes, ceramic frying pans are really good. However, where can you find the best ceramic frying pans in the UK right now? Well, just below this sentence, actually!


Some of Our Favourite Ceramic Frying Pans

1. MasterClass Eco Ceramic Frying Pan

We chose the 28 cm version of this ceramic frying pan for our list of favourites, but MasterClass also has loads of other size options for this pan too.

We like the 28 cm pan, though, because you can cook so much in it at once. You can use this pan to sear two steaks at once or fry loads of veg.

This pan is made from aluminium, so it heats up nice and quickly. It is also compatible with loads of heat sources, including induction, but this pan can go in the oven too.

MasterClass has designed this pan extremely well and stand by that design. This 28 cm pan comes with a 15-year guarantee, and you can throw it in the dishwasher and never worry about the coating.

So, functionally, this frying pan is excellent, but we also love the styling too. It has a slightly retro style that looks great in any kitchen.


2. The Hairy Bikers Ceramic Frying Pan

One of the reasons we love ceramic frying pans is because of the fantastic price of them. This Hairy Bikers pan shows that price off perfectly.

We have chosen the 20 cm pan for our list, but there is a 28 cm pan at a very reasonable price too. The 20 cm pan is perfect for veg, small steaks and fish, and you can finish everything off in the oven too.

We aren’t sure why the Hairy Bikers chose a purple colour for this pan, but we love it. It is quirky and cool, just like the two lads behind this pan.

There isn’t much more to say about this pan; it is reliable, hardworking and robust, the perfect everyday tool for the kitchen.


3. Home Icon Copper and Ceramic Frying Pan

We love this ceramic frying pan. The copper-coloured ceramic really makes it look cool. It would suit just about any kitchen, but we can really see this pan in a modern kitchen.

The base metal of this pan is aluminium, not copper; this has confused some people before. However, this means that the pan heats up nice and fast and delivers excellent cooking capabilities on all hob types.

This ceramic frying pan is oven safe, up to 260 degrees Celsius. This is because it has a metal handle, not a plastic or silicone one.

You do need to be careful handling this frying pan, even on the hob. The handle will get just as hot as the pan. However, if you are after a frying pan that you can transfer into the oven, this is a brilliant choice.


4. Swan Retro Frying Pan Set

The moment we saw this ceramic frying pan set from Swan, we had to include it on our list. This sort of retro styling is so in at the moment, and we totally on board with it.

In this frying pan set, you get a 20 cm and a 28 cm pan making it very versatile. You can use the 20 cm pan for eggs and then the 28 cm pan for bacon, for example.

We chose the beautiful baby blue pans for this list. The exterior is baby blue, and the interior of the pan is a lovely shade of off white. They look excellent and could really suit a modern kitchen.

Don’t worry though, Swan has another six colours to choose from. The grey pans are a close second for us.

Whichever colour of pan you choose, you will get a superb set of frying pans that will last you many years to come.


5. GreenPan Ceramic Frying Pan

GreenPan has created a frying pan that works perfectly here. It does lack the colourful style of other pans on our list, but because this pan works so well, we are willing to forgive this.

GreenPan only uses natural non-stick coatings in all of their cookware too, so this is a brilliant company if you want all of your cookware to be as natural as possible.

This particular ceramic frying pan is 28cm and uses their Thermolon Infinity non-stick coating. This is basically a ceramic coating on steroids.

It is the most hardwearing ceramic coating on our list, and it is pretty much impossible to ruin it. Combine that with the aluminium base metal and the Magneto induction technology, and you have a seriously good frying pan here!



We hope this look at ceramic frying pans has helped you. We love ceramic cookware here. The coating is natural yet extremely robust.

If you choose the right pan, you will use it for years without the non-stick coating deteriorating.

For more info about ceramic cookware and other natural non-stick cookware, please explore Chef’s Pick further. We have loads of natural cookware articles to help you go totally natural in your kitchen. For more advice, see our roundup of the best ceramic pans in the UK.