How Do You Measure a Frying Pan? (UK)

Fried Egg in a Frying Pan

If you want to buy a lid for your frying pan or replace a frying pan with the exact same sized pan, it’s nice to know the size of your frying pan.

Thankfully, frying pans come in standard sizes, and all manufacturers of pans stick to these sizes. This means, of course, that glass lids for frying pans from a different manufacturer will likely fit your pan.

So, if you know what size pan you currently have, there is no need to invest in a new lid, if you want to replace that pan.

Still, how do you measure a frying pan? Frying pans come in a few sizes. These are determined by the pan’s diameter from the top of the walls.


How to Measure a Frying Pan

  1. Grab a ruler or a measuring tape
  2. Place it on the top of the side of the pan (with the pan sat on its base as it would be when you’re using it for cooking)
  3. Measure from one side of the pan to the other from the tops of the walls, not the cooking surface


Standard Measurements for Frying Pans in the UK

  • Small frying pans: 20 and 24 cm
  • Medium frying pans: 26 and 28 cm
  • Large frying pan: 30 cm

When you’re looking for a lid for a frying pan, take this measurement and then find a glass lid that will fit that size of frying pan.

It is often best to choose a frying pan lid from the same manufacturer as they are designed to work perfectly with your frying pan. Still, as I said, most frying pan lids will work with most frying pans.

It’s important to note that due to differences in the thickness and angle at which the walls of a frying pan rise, the cooking surface of frying pans can vary, even if they have the same diameter at the top of the walls.

This won’t lead to issues with lids not fitting or anything like that, but the cooking surface is sometimes reduced. The differences in cooking surfaces, though, are often so small that most of us will never notice it.

We hope this look at frying pans and how to measure them has helped you. Whether you want to find a direct replacement to your current frying pan or find an accessory for your current frying pan, these measurements will help you.

As I said, the cooking surface of a pan can vary even if you buy the same sized frying pan. Still, you likely won’t even notice. Even if you’re buying a frying pan for an induction hob, it will still function the same as your old one.

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