What’s the Best Size Frying Pan for Omelettes?

Making an omelette in a pan

If you love omelettes (and who doesn’t?) you may want a frying pan that is just perfect for cooking omelettes whenever you fancy one.

The trouble is, which frying pan do you choose? There are so many frying pans on the market right now that finding the perfect one for your fluffy, golden brown eggy delight is difficult. Well, it used to be anyway.

If you’re an omelette lover, this is the article for you as we’re delving deep into the size of frying pans for omelettes today. We even have a few of our favourite omelette pans below as well!

The Best Size Frying Pan for Omelettes

The best size for an omelette pan depends on how you like your eggs in the morning.

Two eggs – 20 cm (8 inches)

If you like to cook omelettes for one person at a time, a 20 cm frying pan is best. That way, you can tailor each omelette to a person’s taste without the omelette being too flat and overcooked.

Three eggs – 24-25 cm (10 inches)

If you prefer to cook large omelettes or cook for two people at the same time, a 24 or 25 cm frying pan is a good option for this.

Four eggs – 30 cm (12 inches)

However, if you enjoy cooking larger omelettes for a few people, a 30 cm frying pan is a better option. A 30 cm frying pan allows you to cook an omelette that is extremely tasty and big enough for at least three or four servings.

So, now you know the best sizes of frying pans for cooking omelettes for yourself, you and your partner or the whole family, let’s take a look at the best frying pans in the UK for omelettes, shall we?

Of course, all of these frying pans are brilliant for omelettes, but all of them are also great for all other tasks a frying pan can be used for too!


Our Favourite Frying Pans for Omelettes

20 cm – ilimiti Stone Earth Frying Pan

One of the keys to a brilliant omelette is using a frying pan with excellent non-stick properties. This is why this frying pan made our list.

This 20 cm frying pan (suitable for cooking an omelette for one person at a time) has a non-stick stone coating. This means this frying pan is really hard-wearing, and nothing will stick to it, not even an omelette!

The other reason we love this frying pan for omelettes is because of its construction. It is made from an aluminium alloy that is nice and heavy and heats up evenly and quickly.

There are no random heat spots on this frying pan, which is very important for cooking omelettes. Finally, this is a frying pan that any omelette-lover with any stove can enjoy as this pan can be used on any hob type!


24 cm – Blackmoor 24cm Omelette Pan

Blackmoor 67070 Classic 24cm Frying Pan/Non-Stick Coating/Cool Touch Handle/Suitable for Induction, Electric and Gas Hobs/Black Colour

This 24 cm omelette pan is one of our favourite induction-compatible omelette pans.

It features an anti-scratch non-stick coating that omelettes will just slide off and straight onto your pan.

This pan is made from heavy forged aluminium and has a good weight. Heat is distributed evenly through the pan, so you won’t have the annoying problem of the middle of the omelette cooking first.

This stylish pan is highly rated by users and competitively priced.


30 cm – Tefal B3010772 Extra Frying Pan

Tefal Extra Aluminium 30cm Non-Stick Frying Pan, Black, Made In France

Finally, we have a Tefal frying pan that is big enough to cook omelettes for up to four people in one go. Tefal makes some of the best frying pans in the world, and this one is no exception.

It has an excellent non-stick coating that comes with a lifetime guarantee. It also has deeper walls than some other frying pans, so it can hold an omelette really nicely.

However, this frying pan made our list because of the ‘Power-Glide’ non-stick coating.

You need a non-stick coating that outperforms the rest on the market when cooking omelettes, and this one does just that! The only downside to this frying pan is that it isn’t suitable for induction hobs.


It is worth noting that each of these frying pans is available in different sizes. So, if you liked the look of a frying pan, but it wasn’t the size you had in mind, that size could be available.

We hope this look at omelette pans has been helpful. For more info about awesome frying pans and loads of other cookware, please explore our website further.