Best Omelette Pans in the UK

Omelette in Pan

Omelette pans are a fantastic addition to any kitchen, even if you don’t cook that many omelettes.

But where can you find the best omelette pans in the UK? Well, we have the best omelette pans just below.

Before we get to the pans, though, let’s first right out what an omelette pan is and whether it has any other uses, shall we?


What Is an Omelette Pan?

An omelette pan looks exactly the same as a frying pan, pretty much. The only difference between an omelette pan and a conventional saucepan is the sides.

The sides of an omelette pan are the same height as those a normal frying pan. However, they are much steeper.

The steeper sides mean that you can easily roll omelettes in the pan. They also help you slide the omelette out of the pan when it’s finished cooking.

Omelette pans come in many sizes too. So, whether you want to cook an omelette for one or six, there is a pan to suit your needs.


Do Omelette Pans Have Other Uses?

Of course, if you eat an omelette every day of the week, having a pan that can only be used for omelettes sounds great. But what if you only eat omelettes occasionally?

Do omelette pans have any other uses? Well, yes. You can use an omelette pan for anything you can use a normal frying pan for.

In fact, if you are looking to replace your current frying pan, you could replace it with an omelette pan of the same size and enjoy all of the benefits of both.

Of course, what you can use an omelette pan for depends on the size of the pan you buy. For example, my omelette pan is 12 cm. This is great for omelettes, although me and my partner really only use it for frying eggs. Still, a 12 cm omelette pan isn’t really suitable for much else, unless you want to cook the smallest steak of all time!

So, while you can use bigger omelette pans for anything you can use a frying pan for, the smaller pans are a bit restrictive.

Still, a small omelette pan doesn’t take up much room, so even if you can’t use it for loads of things, it won’t be in the way.

Well, now you know what an omelette pan and what they can be used for, it’s time to look at the best omelette pans in the UK.

We have tried to include different sizes of omelette pans to suit everyone. Still, we are also focusing on the quality of the pans too. So, let’s look at the best omelette pans in the UK right now, shall we?


The Best Omelette Pans in the UK

1. Sky Light 24cm Omelette Pan

This omelette pan is perfect for those who love cooking omelettes but who also want a versatile pan that they can use for just about any other type of cooking.

This pan is made from 3 layers of forged aluminium. It has a 6 mm body, so it is nice and robust. This 6 mm body also means that it holds heat really well.

This omelette pan is induction hob safe and can be used on any other hob type too. What’s more, the sides of this pan are perfect for omelettes, but they also serve you well for basting meats and veg as you fry them too.

This omelette pan is built with high-quality materials, and this shows in the performance, it is a joy to use and cooks some beautiful omelettes.


2. Zuofeng Non-stick 20cm Omelette Pan

Next up, we have a fantastic omelette pan that looks as great as it cooks. This is the 20 cm pan, but there are different sizes available depending on how big of an omelette you like.

This pan has a granite non-stick coating that means none of your omelettes will stick to the bottom of it. It also has a beautiful wooden handle that doesn’t heat up as you cook.

We know that cookware looking great isn’t the most important thing. However, this pan looks wonderful and does its job just as well.

It heats quickly and evenly, it can be used on induction hobs, and it has a PFOA-free non-stick coating too. All this for a very reasonable price, you’ll love making omelettes in this pan!


3. Techef Tamagoyaki Japanese Omelette Pan

This Japanese omelette pan brings a lot of style to your kitchen. Still, it is a pan that is designed to bring you years of joy in the kitchen too. It has a excellent design that allows you to easily flip your eggs or omelettes.

Plus, it has stainless steel embedded in the base, meaning it is heavy and induction-ready too. The walls of this pan are made from heavy-gauge aluminium. So, it heats up quickly and stays warm for ages.

This omelette pan also has a fantastic non-stick coating that is PFOA-free and a lovely handle to make controlling this pan very easy.

While this is the number one choice for Japanese omelette and egg dishes, it works just as well for English omelettes and most other cooking tasks too. Plus, its rectangular shape is really modern and stylish too.


4. Le Creuset Stainless Steel 20cm Non-stick Omelette Pan

Le Creuset Stainless Steel 20cm Non-stick Omelette Pan

If you’re a passionate home chef and want the best omelette pan that money can buy, here you go!

This Le Creuset omelette pan is just as lovely to use as their other cookware. It is a stainless-steel omelette pan with a metal utensil safe non-stick coating on the inside. The exterior of this pan has a mirror polish, and so it looks wonderful in your kitchen.

The thing we love about this omelette pan, though, is its construction. Of course, this pan looks pretty, but gosh it heats up nicely! This is thanks to the two layers of stainless-steel sandwiching an interior layer of aluminium. This also gives this omelette pan a nice weight as well as spreading heat quickly and evenly.

Oh, and this omelette pan is also oven safe, suitable for all hob types and dishwasher safe all, while looking beautiful.


5. John Lewis Mini Omelette Pan

John Lewis Mini Omelette Pan

This is the omelette pan that me and my partner have and we love it. This little pan is perfect for cooking an omelette.

As I said above, though, we tend to only really fry eggs in this pan, and it works a treat for that too.

This omelette pan has a brilliant non-stick coating that hasn’t let us down, even while buttering toasts and forgetting about the eggs on the hob!

This omelette pan is only 12 cm wide, so it’s perfect for couples or people who like to solo-omelette. It isn’t induction compatible but will work on any other hob type perfectly. I really like this omelette pan.

It is simple and works for any other frying tasks, as long as what you are frying is small enough to fit in it.



We hope you found the perfect omelette pan for your needs above. We love an omelette pan, and as we have learnt, they can do a lot more than just cook the perfect omelette.

If we had to recommend just one to recommend to most people, it would be the Sky Light 24cm Omelette Pan. Not only is it a very well-made induction-compatible pan that’s great for making omelettes, it’s also versatile enough to be used for a lot of other cooking tasks.

For more brilliant cookware, please explore our website further. We got the best cookware in the UK right here so you can kit out your kitchen with the best pans and pots for your needs and find out more about every type of pot and pan ever made right here.