Are Double Ovens a Standard Size?

Oven in kitchen

If you’re buying a replacement oven, the size of your new oven may be playing heavily on your mind. After all, there are hundreds of oven manufacturers nowadays, which could mean that there are hundreds of different sized ovens available, right?

Well, today, we’re looking at double ovens to find out whether there is a standard size allowing you to choose any oven you wish to replace your old one.

Are Double Ovens a Standard Size?

When it comes to width and depth, all double ovens have the same measurements (59.7 cm for the width and 56 cm for the depth). This may vary by a few millimetres.

However, the height of double ovens can vary depending on the type of oven you choose. There are two main types of double oven: built-in and built-under. A built-in oven has a height of around 90 cm, while a built-under double oven has a height of around 70 cm.

A built-under double oven is designed to fit snugly under your worktop, and so it needs to be fairly compact.

A built-in double oven is designed to be installed at eye level. It is a bit taller than a built-under double oven because they don’t have the restrictions of sitting under your counter-top.


Choosing the Right Oven For Your Space

If you’d like a direct replacement for your oven, it is best to find out what type of oven you have at the moment. So, if you have a double oven that is underneath your worktop, this will be a built-under double oven.

If you have a double oven that is currently mounted above your worktops, allowing you to see into the oven as you cook, this is a built-in oven.

When checking out the best ovens in the UK, you can search for the oven that you currently have, meaning that the new oven will fit into the space where your current oven is.

One final thing about double ovens is that just because an oven has the same measurements as your oven, it doesn’t mean that it will have the same cooking space inside. A quick search through ovens shows that different ovens have different capacities.

So, just remember to look for an oven that has a similar capacity to your current one if you like the size of yours. To check this, pop the model number of your double oven into the web, and it should bring up the technical specs of it, or you can find this info in the manual if you still have it.

We hope this look at double ovens and the standard sizes of them has been helpful. To recap, built-under double ovens are 70 cm in height, and built-in double ovens are 90 cm in height. The other measurements are the same regardless of type (59.7 cm wide and 56 cm deep).

To find out about the best ovens in the UK right now, explore our website further. We have reviewed the best built-in double ovens and the best built-under double ovens to help you make your kitchen the heart of your home.