Scott is a writer and a passionate home chef. His passion for cooking began when he was 10 years old. Scott has been writing professionally for over five years now and loves to combine his passion for cooking with his day job.

Kitchen with oven, work surface, cabinet and drawers.

Best Warming Drawers in the UK

Warming drawers have been around for many years in professional kitchens. They allow chefs to keep food warm until it is ready to serve. However, they can also help the home cook in the same way. If you have ever cooked a roast for a lot of people, then you’ll know the struggle and stress …

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Man turning on a white built-under electric oven

What Is a Built-Under Oven?

If you’re on the hunt for a new oven and want to find the perfect oven for your kitchen, then I am sure you have come across built-under ovens. These are awesome as they offer some major style points and are excellent for saving space. But what exactly is the definition of a built-under oven? …

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