Can You Touch an Induction Hob? (Do Induction Hobs Get Hot?)

Finger touching button on induction hob

Induction hobs are brilliant tools for the kitchen. We are big fans of induction hobs here at Chef’s Pick. We’ve written a lot of articles about these hobs showing the features and the overall awesomeness of the hob.

However, the one induction topic that we haven’t touched upon is whether you can touch an induction after cooking on it. So, do induction hobs get hot? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

Can You Touch an Induction Hob?

The short answer to this question is: Yes, you can touch an induction hob, as induction hobs do not get hot in the same way that other hobs do. This means there should be no danger of burning yourself if you touch one, even straight after cooking on it.

As you likely know, an induction hob works by heating the pan directly, not the surface of the hob. This means that the surface of the hob stays fairly cool. However, there is often some residual heat from the pan left after cooking.

The surface of an induction hob certainly doesn’t get as hot as a traditional glass-topped hob, but it does get warm because it comes in contact with hot pans. So, while you or a child won’t burn themselves if you were to touch the hob after use, you will still notice that there is some heat there.

This trait of induction hobs makes cleaning up after cooking a lot easier, and they are one of the safest hobs to have in the home if you have kids. Unless they place a piece of ferrous metal on the hob, it cannot turn on and burn them. Plus, many modern induction hobs have safety locks to prevent accidents from happening anyway.

We would still encourage parents to teach their kids not to touch an induction hob after cooking. This is just good practice for the future. If they go to a friend’s house where they don’t have an induction hob and touch the glass hob thinking it will be nice and cool because the one at home is, suddenly their play date could take a turn for the worse.

So, yes, you can touch an induction hob after cooking and certainly wipe off any food residue. However, because the hob doesn’t get too warm, spilt food on the stovetop isn’t that much of an issue anyway. You can leave it until you have finished the lovely meal you have just prepared.

There is some residual heat left from the pan on an induction hob, so you should still be careful when cleaning the hob after cooking.

To find out more about cleaning induction hobs and a great deal more about our favourite hobs, please explore our website further. Chef’s Pick has covered the best induction hobs available in the UK right now plus plenty of articles that can help you make the most out of these hobs too.