Can You Soak Le Creuset Cookware Overnight?

Can You Soak Le Creuset Cookware Overnight

Le Creuset is a cooking brand that most home chefs hold dear to their hearts, and we are certainly among those home chefs. We love Le Creuset at Chef’s Pick and have written loads of articles about this fantastic cookware brand.

Because this cookware is expensive, though, many chefs think that it needs to be handled carefully and that there is some mystical way to clean it. But is there? For example, can you soak Le Creuset cookware overnight? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

Oh, and we’re talking about the sexy cast iron, enamel stuff here, not Le Creuset’s range of stainless steel cookware.

There is a common misconception about Le Creuset cookware. It seems that many home chefs think that the cookware is high maintenance because it is more expensive than other cookware.

This is certainly true in almost any other category of products you can think of, but that isn’t the case here. Le Creuset cookware is so easy to maintain, as long as you know how to.

So, all Le Creuset cookware is dishwasher safe to start with. However, Le Creuset does recommend that you wash their cookware in warm soapy water using a sponge or any other scrubbing implement as long as it doesn’t contain metal.

It is also completely fine if you want to soak it overnight. If you have some really burnt on food on your Le Creuset pot, leave it in the sink in warm soapy water and go on holiday for seven weeks! The cookware will be fine.

This is all thanks to the enamel coating. If Le Creuset didn’t have the enamel coating, then the cast iron would rust if left in water for any long period of time. However, thanks to the coating, you can leave it soaking for as long as you like!

Oh, and if you have left your Le Creuset soaking overnight (or even for seven weeks) and it still hasn’t removed the burnt-on food, don’t worry.

Soaking Le Creuset Overnight with Bicarbonate of Soda

Le Creuset recommends adding water and bicarbonate of soda to the pan and boiling the solution on the stove. Once the water has cooled down, give it a scrub, and that should do the job!

If your Le Creuset cookware does have any chips in the enamel, then you do need to be careful when soaking it overnight as the bare metal will rust. But we will leave chips for another Le Creuset article! We hope this look at cleaning your Le Creuset cookware has been helpful.

You really don’t need to baby this cookware at all. Sure, it is expensive, but it is expensive because it’s designed to only be brought once and used for the rest of your life, not because it is a fashion accessory for your kitchen.

So, go grab your Le Creuset cast iron and used it, soak it, clean it, and love it! And check out the rest of Chef’s Pick for more articles about this amazing cookware brand as well, of course!