Best Non-Stick Milk Pans (UK)

Pouring milk into pan

A milk pan is a perfect addition to your kitchen. If you aren’t sure what a milk pan is, or you aren’t too sure of the uses of a milk pan, stick around.

We have all the info your need about these pans below. But first, let’s look at the best non-stick milk pans in the UK right now, shall we?


The Best Non-Stick Milk Pans in the UK

1. Blackmoor Non-Stick 16cm Milk Pan

Blackmoor 66120 Classic 16cm Milk Pan/Non-Stick Coating/Cool Touch Handle/Features Unique Pouring Lip/Suitable for Induction, Gas & Electric Hobs/Black Colour

Diameter: 16 cm
Materials: Cast iron, forged aluminium, non-stick coating

This 16 cm milk pan from Blackmoor features a hybrid stone non-stick coating, meaning nothing will stick to it.

Underneath the non-stick coating, there is a forged aluminium body that heats up quickly and holds heat nicely. This is all thanks to the thick bottom and sides.

Plus, there is a stay-cool plastic handle, so you can stay in control while this pan is over the heat.

This milk pan is suitable for all hobs, and it has a handy pouring lip to make it much easier to pour your milk out of when you’re finished.

This is a stylish and practical non-stick milk pan perfect for the modern kitchen. The tough non-stick coating, though, is the reason it ranked so highly on our list.


2. Sapphire Collection 15cm Milk Pan

Sapphire collection 15 cm Non Stick Milk Pan, Black

Diameter: 15 cm
Materials: Aluminium, non-stick coating

If you’re after a simple, functional and amazingly priced milk pan for your kitchen, this one from Sapphire Collection could be perfect for you.

It is a 15 cm non-stick milk pan that holds just under a litre of liquid. It’s made from aluminium and has a good quality non-stick coating that will last a good few years.

To finish off this milk pan, there is a stable plastic handle that will stay cool while it’s over the heat.

For the price, this milk pan is very hard to beat. It outperforms most other pans in this price bracket and is the perfect milk pan to start off your baking collection with.

Whether you need a milk pan for its intended purpose or just need a smaller saucepan, this is a solid choice.


3. Penguin Home Non-stick 14cm Milk Pan

Penguin Home® Non Stick Milk Pan 14cm, 1.4 Litre |Bakelite Handle | Milkpan with Double Pouring Lips | Saucepan | Perfect for Cooking Sticky Sauces, Warming Milk | Cooking Pots & Pans

Diameter: 14 cm
Materials: Aluminium, non-stick coating

You can see the quality of this milk pan straight away. The double pouring lips, the glossy exterior and the angled handle all make for a lovely design.

However, all of these beautiful design features are also practical as well. The double pouring lips allow you to concentrate the flow of the liquid when transferring it to another dish.

The glossy sides look amazing but also act as a further non-stick coating for the outside of the pan.

And the pan handle is angled in such a way that it keeps your hand away from the heat of the hob and allows you to secure the pan while you are whisking.

All of this makes this non-stick milk pan from Penguin Home really pleasing to look at and use.

Sadly, induction hob owners will have to enjoy this pan from far away as it isn’t suitable for those hobs.

Still, for everyone else, this is a brilliant milk pan, and the price is fantastic too.


4. Deco Express Non-stick 16cm Milk Pan

Deco Express Saucepan Nonstick - Induction Saucepan Non Stick 16/18/20 cm Milk Saucepan - Prime Quality Cookware Set (16 cm)

Diameter: 16, 18 or 20 cm
Materials: Ceramic, non-stick coating

Here we have another marble effect milk pan with a hardwearing hybrid stone non-stick coating.

This pan is available in 16, 18, and 20 cm sizes, but we choose the 16 cm one for this list to keep things simple.

This pan is made from forged aluminium, offering a thick base and sides to lock the heat in during the cooking process.

And the extremely tough non-stick coating means you really go to town on stirring whatever you’re cooking in this pan.

While Deco Express says that these pans can be used on induction, the smaller ones may not function on an induction hob.

A few people have noted that when the smaller ones are used, they don’t connect the circuit on the hob.

Now, this will only be an issue on induction hobs with individual hob rings, but we thought it worth mentioning here.


5. Carote Non-stick 16cm Milk Pan

CAROTE Saucepan with Lid 16cm/1.5L, Nonstick Milk Pan for Induction, Gas and Electric Hobs, Small Cooking Pot with Pour Spout

Diameter: 16 cm
Materials: Granite, non-stick coating

Lastly, we have a beautiful milk pan from Carote. It has a beautiful ceramic non-stick coating covering the whole pan.

The ceramic coating not only gives it a lovely colour but also provides an extremely hardwearing non-stick coating that will last years, even in a busy kitchen. It is also eco-friendly and PFOA free.

The double pouring sprouts mean that no liquid will be lost when pouring from this pan. And the very comfortable, round Bakelite-style handle offers excellent control even while this pan is heating up.

Finally, for even more control over what you’re cooking, this 16 cm milk pan comes with a stylish glass lid. So, if you’d like a milk pan that is as stylish as it is functional, this is a really good choice.


What Is a Milk Pan?

A milk pan is basically a small saucepan. They often come with lids, and most have spouts or pouring lips, but some don’t.

They were designed to heat milk, of course, so the pouring spout is really handy when transferring the milk from the pan into another dish.

While there are many milk pans on the market that feature non-stick coatings, some don’t. Using a milk pan without a non-stick coating can be difficult to master.


What Can You Use a Milk Pan For?

As milk pans are basically just saucepans with a pouring spout, they can be used for anything a saucepan can be used for.

Of course, their size does make certain tasks difficult. You certainly won’t cook chilli for four in a milk pan.

However, you can use a milk pan for heating soup, making scrambled eggs, custard and even sauces.

Milk pans are great for small cooking tasks, particularly when there is liquid involved. The pouring spouts on most milk pans make transferring liquid really easy.

They are also designed for heating liquid and holding heat in the sides of the pan.

This is why the sides of milk pans are usually quite thick. This locks heat into the sides and keeps the liquid warm for longer.

So, a milk pan has many uses, but most of them revolve around liquid.



We hope this look at milk pans has helped you find your next saucepan. We loved the Blackmoor 16cm Milk Pan. The non-stick coating is excellent, and it has a lovely feel and design that would work well in any kitchen.

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