What Are the Best Utensils to Use With Cast-Iron Cookware? 

Cast iron cookware

When it comes to cast iron cookware, there are a lot of questions. Typically, these questions involve seasoning cast iron, but not today. Today, we’re looking at utensils.

What are the best utensils to use with cast iron, and why?

Well, let’s find out, shall we? And then we will show you our favourite utensils to use with cast iron.


The Best Utensils to Use With Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron is an extremely hard-wearing material. This is why a cast-iron skillet can last decades. That means that you can pretty much use any utensils you like with this cookware.

Many folk like to use stainless steel utensils with cast iron, and they are a great option for cast iron.

Cast iron can take a lot of abuse and come back for more, particularly if you know how to season your cast iron. Because if you happen to scratch some of the seasoning with metal utensils, you can simply re-season it, and your pan is new again.

We would argue, though, that silicone utensils are probably the better way to go. Now, as we said, cast iron cookware can withstand stainless steel utensils for decades and never bat an eye. However, your other pots and pans probably can’t.

So, if you intend to use these utensils with other pots and pans, silicone is probably the best option for you. Of course, if you do want some utensils to use exclusively with your cast iron cookware, by all means, grab some good-quality stainless utensils.

Still, if you have cookware made from other materials, you can use silicone utensils with them all. Here are our favourite utensils to use with cast iron cookware.


Our Favourite Utensils for Cast Iron in the UK

1. Professional Stainless Steel Spatula Set

There’s a lot to love about this stainless-steel spatula set. Firstly, the two spatulas are perfect for all types of cooking.

They work great with cast iron griddles but are right at home on the BBQ as well. There is also a griddle scraper in the set that has some handy measurements on it for quick and easy baking.

We wouldn’t recommend using the scraper in your cast iron cookware unless you do want to take the seasoning off, then it will work great.

If you do a lot of BBQing as well as enjoy using your cast iron cookware, this is a fantastic set of spatulas for you. They are very well made, feel great in the hand and make flipping burgers and steaks nice and easy.


2. Starchef’s Silicone and Stainless Steel Spatula

We thought we’d finish our list of utensils for cast iron cookware off with a spatula that offers the best of both worlds.

This spatula has a sturdy silicone head that has a lovely deep bevel to make flipping meats and burgers very easy. Yet, the body of the spatula is stainless steel, so it is extremely robust as well.

To finish off this spatula, there is a silicone handle, so this spatula won’t burn your hand when you use it.

Well designed and well-made utensils really don’t have to cost the earth, and this one from Starchef proves that.

You can use it with all of your cast iron cookware and any other pots and pans you have, and you will love using it.

We hope this look at the best utensils to use with cast iron cookware has been helpful and that you found a favourite utensil among our favourites.


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