Can You Freeze Shortbread?

Shortbread biscuits

Shortbread is a traditional Scottish biscuit that is said to originate from as far back as the 12th century, although it is widely believed to have been refined by Mary Queen of Scots in the 16th century.

Shortbread is made from a specific ratio of one parts sugar, two parts butter and three parts flour and doesn’t contain a raising agent. This lack of raising agent is what gives it its delicious crumbly texture.

Traditional shortbread was cooked in a round shape and sliced into triangle pieces and it is often dusted with sugar.

Nowadays, shortbread fingers are popular with the shortbread being cut into simple rectangles.

Shortbread is easy and quick to make at home and is made even more convenient because it can be frozen at either the dough stage or once it has been baked.


Can You Freeze Shortbread Dough?

Shortbread dough

Shortbread dough requires very little kneading and yet comes together to form a malleable dough that can be rolled and cut. This plasticity means that shortbread dough is perfect for freezing.

The easiest way to freeze the dough is to shape into either a cylinder or a rectangular prism so that when you come to use it can be sliced easily into the shape you require.

Once frozen, the dough can be taken from the freezer and sliced immediately.

It can then be baked in slices and will only require an extra 2-3 minutes of cooking time on top of the usual time needed. This is a convenient way of smaller baking batches of shortbread and always having some on hand when you need a sweet treat.


Can You Freeze Shortbread Once Baked?

If you have already baked your shortbread but find that you have too much and would like to freeze some then it can be frozen in its baked form.

The best way to do this is to flash freeze the slices on a baking tray in the freezer and then stack them one on top of the other with greaseproof paper in between and store in the freezer in an airtight container or bag.

To defrost the shortbread simply remove them from the freezer and let it come up to room temperature.

The freezing will not affect the quality of the shortbread but if you’d like it slightly warmer or crispier then you can pop it in the oven for a few minutes.


How Long Does Shortbread Last in the Freezer?

Both cooked shortbread and shortbread dough will last in the freezer for up to 3 months without any deterioration of the item. After this time the quality of the shortbread may decline somewhat.


Can You Freeze Millionaires’ Shortbread?

Millionaires shortbread

Millionaires’ shortbread is comprised of shortbread with a caramel layer and then topped with chocolate. It can be frozen in pieces in the same way as baked shortbread can be.

You may find after letting the millionaire’s shortbread come to room temperature that the caramel is a little softer than it was originally.

Freezing it shouldn’t affect the taste of the shortbread though you do need to ensure that your millionaires shortbread is wrapped tightly in the freezer to prevent freezer burn.