Naan in griddle pan

Best Griddle Pans (2023 UK)

If you are looking for a great griddle pan, then you’ll know that you have loads of options. Griddle pans come in loads of sizes, they are made from different materials, some are non-stick, others need to be seasoned. Which are best?   Best Griddle Pans in the UK 1. ZWILLING Forte Aluminium Titanium Non-Stick …

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Non-stick saucepans on induction hob

Best Non-Stick Saucepans (2023 UK)

Non-stick saucepans are something of a staple in most kitchens. We’ve all experienced the annoyance of using a saucepan without a non-stick coating and then cleaning it afterwards. However, what are the best non-stick saucepans in the UK? Well, we’ve researched the market and picked out some of the best options.   Best Non-Stick Saucepans …

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Paella Pan

Best Paella Pans (2023 UK)

Paella is a world-famous dish that evokes images of sunny seaside Spanish holidays for us here in the UK. The word paella is actually means pot or pan in Catalan and Valencian, indicating how important the pan itself is to the dish. If you want to make authentic paellas, you need the right kit. We’ve …

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