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Can a Microwave Overheat

Can a Microwave Overheat?

A microwave’s sole purpose is to produce heat, so surely it runs the risk of occasionally overheating, right? Technically, yes. Most electronic products pose a risk of overheating for a plethora of reasons (a short circuit, ageing, overuse/misuse, etc.), but what happens when your trusty microwave overheats? First of all, it needs to be said …

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Do Microwaves Wear Out

Do Microwaves Wear Out?

We all love our microwaves. They’re handy, resourceful, and pretty robust. But nothing lasts forever, does it? Microwaves do wear out over time. In fact, the average lifespan of a healthy microwave is just around ten years. Several things can go wrong with microwaves over time. So, let’s explore the longevity of our nifty microwaves …

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