Can You Put a Cooker or Oven in a Kitchen Island?

Oven in kitchen island

If you’re planning a new kitchen, there are certain faux pas to avoid and things that simply aren’t possible. But is installing a cooker or oven into a kitchen island one of these?

Is having a cooker in a kitchen island possible? And if it is, should it be done from a design standpoint?

Well, that’s what Chef’s Pick is exploring below.


Putting a Cooker or Oven in a Kitchen Island

You can absolutely install a cooker or oven in a kitchen island. You can even put a full range cooker in a kitchen island if you want to.

There are some considerations to make, though. For example, chances are you’ll need to move the cooker socket in your kitchen so that the cooker can be hardwired into the circuit easily.

If you are getting a brand-new kitchen, though, this won’t be an issue, but it’s worth factoring in the cost of moving the cooker socket closer to where you need it.

If your kitchen already has an island, the people installing your new cooker will likely need to take the island apart somewhat to install the oven or cooker.

They may also need to remove some of the countertop if you’re having a range cooker or something similar installed.

Again, this can bring the cost up a bit, but the efforts and cost can really be worth it.


Should You Put Your Oven in the Kitchen Island?

Just because you can install a cooker into a kitchen island, should you? Having a hob on a kitchen island is really popular, but what about the entire cooker?

Well, kitchen designers say that having the hob or cooker on the kitchen island creates a more social cooking environment. Guests can gather around the island, enjoy a glass of wine and watch you lovingly toil over their meal.

While your guests won’t see what you’re cooking up in the oven, unlike if you were using the hob, for example, it allows you to be present during conversations.

Another fantastic thing about having a cooker in an island is that you aren’t always facing a wall when you cook. If you have an open-plan kitchen with an island and perhaps some French doors with a beautiful view, you want to enjoy it.

Having all the cooking equipment facing walls means you don’t get to enjoy your new kitchen, the view or your family as much.

If you’re creating a kitchen with an open feel, it should feel open for everyone, including whoever’s doing the cooking. Plus, if you’ve always wanted a range cooker, what better way is there of displaying it and using it?


In Conclusion

You can install an oven, cooker or range cooker in a kitchen island. Just be aware of the additional costs of moving the cooker socket closer.

If your kitchen already has the island in place, you’ll also need to factor in the potential costs of removing parts of the island and/or countertop during installation.

Cookers and ovens in kitchen islands are becoming increasingly popular in kitchen design. With the right kitchen designers, you can create a beautiful island that is geared towards cooking meals you love while enjoying conversations with the people you love.

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