How Long Does Squirty Cream Last?

Squirting cream into bowls

Squirty cream is a light and delicious dairy-based and slightly sweet fluffy cream that can be added to hot chocolate, served on a variety of desserts or on ice cream or fresh fruit.

The aerated nature of squirty cream makes it lower in calories and fat than heavier creams. Squirty cream is traditionally dairy based but soy-based squirty creams are increasing in availability.

With so many uses, squirty cream is a worthwhile product to have in your home and so it’s important to know how long it lasts for. On average squirty cream lasts 3-4 days once opened, providing it is properly stored.

How Long Does Squirty Cream Last Before and After Opening?

An unopened container of squirty cream will stay usable for 2-3 weeks after purchasing. There will be a date on the product for guidance.

Once opened, squirty cream needs to be used within 3-4 days. It is worth labelling your aerosol with the date it was opened so you know how long it is good for.

Non-dairy aerosol cream, such as a soy-based cream, will last longer both unopened and opened when compared to dairy squirty cream.

You can get dairy-free long-life squirty cream that has a shelf life of up to 6 months and that when opened can last up to one week.


Does Squirty Cream Need to Be Refrigerated?

The majority of squirty creams need to be refrigerated. This is especially important once they have been opened.

Opened squirty cream needs to be refrigerated to prevent it going bad. Some long-life brands, as mentioned above, only need to be refrigerated once opened and can otherwise be stored in a cupboard or pantry.


How Can You Tell if Squirty Cream Has Gone Bad?

As with most dairy products, the best way to tell if squirty cream has gone bad is by the smell and taste of it.

You will also find that once squirted out, an out-of-date squirty cream may be very liquid in texture or may collapse straight away and appear watery.

Obvious signs that your squirty cream has gone bad include coloured mould around the nozzle of the canister, a slightly cheesy odour and a sour taste.

It is important to rinse the nozzle of the cream in between uses so that there is no cream left on it to go bad before the contents of the canister do.


What Is the Difference Between Squirty Cream and Whipped Cream?

Whipped cream is a cream that is formed when a cream such as double cream or whipping cream has air incorporated in it using a whisk or mixer at home. Whipped cream is bought as a runny liquid and then aerated by the consumer.

Squirty cream comes in a pressurised aerosol container. The aerosol, once pressed, turns the liquid in it into a fluffy light cream.

The terms whipped cream and squirty cream can be interchanged and confused. Squirty cream in the US is often known as spray cream, aerosol cream or ready whip cream.